Museums: Manche

La Cite de la Mer
Vast complex dedicated to underwater adventure, sceince and culture. Includes a submarine, aquarium. At the old Gare Maritime Transatlantic in Cherbourg-Octville.
Musee de la Bicyclette
The bicycle from 1818 to present day. In Periers (50).
Thomas Henry Museum
Art museum exhibiting paintings and sculptures from Fra Angelico (15th century) to Camille Claudel (19th century). Free entry on Sundays. At 4 rue Vastel, Cherbourg-Octville.
Musee dArt Moderne Richard Anacreon
Paintings, sculptures, books and objects from 1939-59. At Place de lIsthme, Granville.
Musee du Meuble Normand
Norman furniture and decorative objects at 9 rue du Recule in Villedieu.
Musee de la Liberte
Museum showing everyday life in France during occupation. Includes a reconstituted wartime street to recreate the atmosphere. At ave de la Plage, Quineville (50).
A la belle epoque
Replica of a vintage village on more than 2200 m² Inside an old factory.
Emmanuel Liais Park & Museum
Exhibition room in the botanical gardens of Cherbourg-Octville displays items of natural history, archeology and ethnography from all over the world. Free entry on Sundays.
Birthplace of Jean-Francois Millet
The artists birthplace is open to visits. Traditional house from early 1800s includes some works by Millet. At Hameau Gruchy.
Musee Christian Dior
Childhood home of Christian Dior at the Villa Les Rhumbs, Granville.
Abbaye du Voeu
Abbey created in 1145 since used as a governors residence, a maritime hospital and a garrison. Now restored with exhibition rooms, gardens and the tomb of the Priest of Guillaume. At rue de lAbbaye in Cherbourg-Octville.
Musee de la Poeslerie et Maison de la Dentelliere
Ancient trades, including lacemaking, at the Cour du Foyer, rue du General Huard, Villedieu.
Musee de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale
Museum on the site of the Avranches breakthrough: euipment, uniforms and details of the liberation on show. At 2 Le Moulinet, Le Val Saint-Pere in Avranches (50).
The Screaming Eagles Museum
Dedicated to the brave young men, both Allied and Axis, who gave their lives in the 1939-45 conflict. At 73 Rue de la 101st Airborne Ste Marie du Mont (50)