Normandy Landings

D-Day Museum
Commemorative focussed on educational exhibitions of the events leading to the Normandy Landings. At Place du 6 Juin in Arromanches (14).
Montormel Memorial
Memorial recalling the battle of the Falaise-Chambois Pocket. In Montormel (61).
4 Commando Museum
Collection of weaponry and uniforms, a scale model of the Landings and a video at the 4 Commando of British and French soldiers. At Place Alfred Thomas in Ouistreham (14).
D Day to Paris - The Liberation of France Museum
D Day landings to the liberation of Paris. Artefacts, photographs and publications of the time tell the story. Documentaries and music in both French and English. Open Wednesday to Saturday. 1, Route DOmaha Beach, Ste Honorine des Pertes.
Musee Pour la Paix
Peace museum and memorial with a vast exhibition showing the history of the 20th century. Includes gallery of Nobel Peace Prize winners and a Garden of Rememberance. At Esplanade D Eisenhower, Caen (14).
June 44 Museum
Exhibit of 12 historic scenes with life-size wax models of war leaders and polititians with their recorded voices. At Place Fulbert de Beina, lAigle (61).
Musee du Debarquement
Museum devoted to the Normandy Landings with guided visits in four languages at Pl du 6 Juin in Arromanches Les Bains (14).
Museum of Underwater D-Day Wrecks
Display of items found by divers from warships to personal effects at Route de Bayeux, Port-en-Bessin (14).
Musee de la Liberation
Audio-visual exhibit showing the change from occupation, through to the D-Day landings. At the restored Fort du Roule in Cherbourg-Octeville (50).
The Memorial de Caen Museum
Memorial for peace displaying items, weapons film and more from WWII and the Cold War. Interactive area from children, play area, bookshop, restaurant and park.
Atlantic Wall Museum
Musum in the concrete tower of the German HQ which commanded the batteries along the Orne Estuary. Restored to look as it would have on the night of June 6th, 1944. At Boulevard du 6 Juin in Ouistreham (14).
Gold Beach Museum
Scale models, photos and memorabilia of the British bridgehead on Gold Beach and the attack of June 6th 1944. At Centre Saint-Exupéry 2 place Amiral Byrd, Ver-sur-Mer (14).
August 44 Museum
Exhibits major events in the battle of the Falaise pocket. Includes scale model of Canadians entering Falaise. At ch des Roches in Falaise (14).
Commonwealth Memorial & Cemetery
Cemetery contains 4,868 graves and a memorial to 1,837 missing soldiers. At bd du 6 Juin in Bayeux (14).
Longues-sur-Mer Gun Battery
Exhibition of German defensive strategy, a artillery battery with guns still in place overlooking the Landing Beaches and remains of the Atlantic Wall. At Longues-sur-Mer (14).
Batterie dAzeville
The Azeville battery: an early construction in the Manche stretch of the Atlantic Wall. At La Rue, Azeville (50.
Musee de la Battaille de Tilly
The Battle of Tilly museum shows the multiple capture and recapture of the village before liberation. At the Chapelle Notre Dame du Val in Tilly-sur-Seulles (14).
Leclerc Museum
Tribute museum to General Leclerc located in his command post of 20 August 1944. At 31/33 rue de Pont Neuf, Alencon (61).
Arromanches 360°
Wraparound 360 degree cinema shows archive film footage shot by war correspondents in June 1944 and modern film of the same image. At Chemin du Calvaire, Arromanches (14).
American Military Cemetery
Cemerety, chapel and memorial room with a "wall of the missing". Commemoration of the 4410 American soldiers burried there. At Montjoie-Saint-Martin, Saint James (50).
Airborne Museum
Museum of "The Longest Day": the operations of the American 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions with events displayed through pictures and mementos. At 14 rue Eisenhower in Ste-Mere-Eglise (50).
Musee Mémorial de la Bataille de Normandie
Museum devoted to the Battle of Normandy. English spoken. At Bd Fabian Ware in Bayeux (14).
Musee de la Liberte
Museum showing everyday life in France during occupation. Includes a reconstituted wartime street to recreate the atmosphere. At ave de la Plage, Quineville (50).
Battle of Normandy Memorial Museum
Museum in Bayeux, the first French town to be liberated. Variety of goods on show: weapons, uniforms, souveniers and some film. At bd Fabian Ware, Bayeux (14).
Musee de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale
Museum on the site of the Avranches breakthrough: euipment, uniforms and details of the liberation on show. At 2 Le Moulinet, Le Val Saint-Pere in Avranches (50).
Musee du Debarquement dUtah Beach
Museum opposite the beach landing site recounts the American landings at Utah, in Ste-Marie-du-Mont (50).
Merville Gun Battery Museum
Museum in one of the pillboxes displays the attack by the 9th Battalion of the British Parachute Regiment. Includes a collection of objects and uniforms.
Pegasus Memorial Museum
The Pegasus Memorial Museum traces events during the night of June 5th-6th 1944 and the capture of the Pegasus Bridge by the 6th British Airborne Division. At ave Major Howard Ranville (14). Exhibits include full scale replica of a Horsa Glider.
Juno Beach Center
Memorial to the Canadian part in the war. Separate rooms to visit and a focus on information for children with interactive exhibits. Guided tours on request. At La Voie des Francais Libre in Courseulles-sur-Mer (14).