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Scaffolding 1 General
Hi could anyone tell me where i can hire scaffolding from near isigny le buat.       ...
started by: Billmill · last update: 1472276466 · posted: 1472274002
"Garantie Légale" - does it apply to th... 2 Financial & Legal
A French friend bought an expensive cordless screwdriver about 22 months ago at a well known French DIY store.&n...
started by: Martin A · last update: 1472242748 · posted: 1472162181
A2b Foods 2 General
Does anyone know whats happened to steve no info on his site no one seems to be able to contact him is he still ...
started by: brian2bin · last update: 1472211238 · posted: 1472131936
Getting fit 3 General
Are there people who find trying to get fit on your own difficult.Would love the incentive to take my bik...
started by: Ally · last update: 1472202810 · posted: 1471283577
Chimney sweep wanted 1 Home & Garden
Anyone know of a reliable chimney sweep near Passais La Conception
started by: Ardgarten · last update: 1472191833 · posted: 1472149006
Confused 0 General
Hi does anyone know how to post classified ads on here without having to pay 36euros as it just seems to try to ...
started by: sjw 1 · last update: 1472136628 · posted: 1472136628
Location 0 General
Will anyone placing a ad please enter where you live.The map will show you in USA if you do not change it...
started by: yellowmorgan · last update: 1472134383 · posted: 1472134383
Car trailer 4 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I need to move two cars to the dump, on a trailer. Can anyone help please.  We live near Briouze/Flers.&nbs...
started by: thefrenchgeraghtys-789530 · last update: 1472119114 · posted: 1471880702
The "decline" of Owners Direct from an o... 2 Financial & Legal
HiCan anyone recommend an alternative to OD for gite advertising? Thanks
started by: stillin61 · last update: 1472116173 · posted: 1472049531
Tea and Cake Yum Yum 0 General
Try again--not very techno---have a Birthday girl---would like to go to an English style tea house for afternoon...
started by: skc-805719 · last update: 1472113067 · posted: 1472113067
Online advertising agency aimed at Frenc... 0 Home & Garden
The market for estate agents in the UK seems very sorted with Right Move etc being able to function well....
started by: stillin61 · last update: 1472050063 · posted: 1472050063
advertising goods 4 General
I am very disappointed with the new format. I advertised several items a couple of months ago and never had any ...
started by: Wellfield · last update: 1472047604 · posted: 1471846445
Questions re Lessay Horse Fair............. 0 General
Has anyone bought a horse/pony from the horse fair at Lessay? Wondering how it works:Going with a trailer...
started by: MockTheCasbah-979852 · last update: 1472029635 · posted: 1472029635
French lessons 2 General
On the 3rd of September at the cultural centre opposite the post office in Brecey. There is an open day, you can...
started by: belgrade boy · last update: 1472024765 · posted: 1471971970
Dodson & Horrell High Fibre Nuts 1 Pets & Animals
HiCan you help?  I need a bag of D&H nuts to last me until my order is delivered, well abou...
started by: LMG14 · last update: 1471958443 · posted: 1471858753
Caravan electrics. 4 Sport & Leisure
Sorry first posting didn't workBrain teaser, for me at least. At the beginning of the season I...
started by: aliceandnorman · last update: 1471946315 · posted: 1471874457
Old, Vintage or Antique Doors 2 Home & Garden
Hi we are looking for 4 half glazed wooden internal doors for inclusion in "old stone" renovation. Would need to...
started by: Sue-Barr-863047 · last update: 1471945087 · posted: 1471718114
Freesat in France 2 Entertainment
Can anyone please recommend. Freesat box to buy in France, that is easy to set up (satellite already installed) ...
started by: rose tremaire-795481 · last update: 1471938685 · posted: 1471875609
Looking for an electrician near Gavray a... 0 Home & Garden
Hello - we have a holiday home in Gavray and would like some qualified to have a look at the electrics. We have inh...
started by: Bernie75-10052235 · last update: 1471932951 · posted: 1471932951
conversation 0 Families & Kids
Hi,We are a French family, living between Caen and St Lô. We just lived one year in Canada and our kids ...
started by: Charline-Dupont-867568 · last update: 1471883191 · posted: 1471883191
Recommend an Immoblier 1 General
Hi looking for a recommendation for a English speaking Immoblier in Avranches or Pontorson area---Thanks in adva...
started by: skc-805719 · last update: 1471882962 · posted: 1471851450
Selling car on Leboncoin 4 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello,We have advertised our car on Leboncoin for 14750,00 Euro.  Since the advert appeared on Frida...
started by: Gillie-893469 · last update: 1471844113 · posted: 1471777937
Loophole 9 General
We have a hair dresser near us that also is a cave.unusual mix!it has just been explained though t...
started by: choosing · last update: 1471814971 · posted: 1470651354
Money! 2 General
Advice on the best safe way to exchange euros to sterling. We have sold our house and need the money in the UK.
started by: Robin-Lansdell-859407 · last update: 1471814919 · posted: 1471551247
Solicitor 0 Financial & Legal
About four years ago we went to see a Solicitor  in the Alencon area.   Unfortunately due to comp...
started by: Bentley-386430 · last update: 1471809274 · posted: 1471809274
doctors 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
hi, does anyone know of an English speaking doctor in either St James or Ducy area, and what do I do about my re...
started by: lord shaun · last update: 1471770502 · posted: 1471678913
Mannequin articulated 2 General
Does anyone have or know where i can i get an articulted mannequin, any condition, sourdeval area, will travel&n...
started by: Stephan..P · last update: 1471769185 · posted: 1471714868
Trotting and PMU 1 General
Here's hoping someone can help ? Went Trotting racing at Bagnoles last Monday had a great day----left before col...
started by: skc-805719 · last update: 1471712242 · posted: 1471636339
Looking for the equivalent of 4 ply knit... 9 General
Is there a kind knitter our there who can advise me, please?  I am looking to buy 4 ply wool in order to kn...
started by: thefrenchgeraghtys-789530 · last update: 1471673436 · posted: 1470988660
Car insurance 2 Financial & Legal
Hi we are in the process of registering our car to French system, does anyone have tips on best insurance compan...
started by: elkie68 · last update: 1471623596 · posted: 1471614821
night clubs vire 0 Entertainment
hi wondered if any one as been to the night club in vire and if it was any good thanks in advance john ...
started by: john123-877443 · last update: 1471611425 · posted: 1471611425
Propane gas central heating 4 Home & Garden
We are in the first stages of buying a house that has a buried propane tank for the CH,  the house was prev...
started by: Sue-Barr-863047 · last update: 1471555517 · posted: 1471444638
septic tank "favorable sous réserves" 2 Home & Garden
Our property had a new septic tank fitted in 2103. I have just noticed that the Certificate issued by SPANC when...
started by: Simon67 · last update: 1471508447 · posted: 1471306324
Car Trailer 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I need to collect a car from near St Lo. Does anyone know where I can hire a trailer or towing dolly. I live nea...
started by: ajr2856 · last update: 1471438007 · posted: 1471438007
Market 2 General
Does anyone know when Caen market is on  also does anyone know where i can exchange euros for sterling in C...
started by: davidsh · last update: 1471263042 · posted: 1471025745
English Cream Tea 0 General
started by: The Epona Trust-798846 · last update: 1471157705 · posted: 1471157705
Lawyer / Avocat? 0 Financial & Legal
Hi All,  Does anyone know of a Avocat in Caen?? Needs to be able to speak French / English.. Thanks in Adva...
started by: Sergino-Sartori-866851 · last update: 1471088889 · posted: 1471088889
Bicycle puncture 2 General
Anyone know of a bicycle repair shop near Villedieu, many thanks for any info.
started by: etalon · last update: 1471085377 · posted: 1471020046
Registering a Nissan X-trail 2 General
Hi, has anyone tried to register a Nissan X-trail, we have the conformity certificate but there is a variant and...
started by: LizzieK-10066745 · last update: 1471000739 · posted: 1470904028
animal loving volunteers required 0 General
started by: JES-810072 · last update: 1470982518 · posted: 1470982518
Holiday Home 0 Sport & Leisure
Looking for a holiday home/gite for 2 people and 2 dogs near Chateaubriant and Sainte Aubin des Chateaux for 1 w...
started by: miabuf · last update: 1470861888 · posted: 1470861888
Classifieds 1 AngloINFO Support
I have some items on classifieds but I want to take them off now and it wont let me do anything with them!!
started by: Sue C-558423 · last update: 1470835308 · posted: 1470832880
weed and feed 2 Home & Garden
I am looking to buy some lawn weed and feed as my grass is covered in dandilions etc, but I cant find any, can a...
started by: lord shaun · last update: 1470739167 · posted: 1470654093
Handyman wanted 2 General
To put up gates and some fencing. I'm near La Ferte Mace 61600. Ongoing occasional work offered
started by: horseygirl-819204 · last update: 1470678777 · posted: 1470516738
Lawnmower repairs 1 Home & Garden
Hi. Are there any lawnmower engineers near Domfront? Need a service\belt change. Thanks i...
started by: frogman007 · last update: 1470660388 · posted: 1470656087
Bulk compost 4 Home & Garden
Can anyone please tell me where I can get bulk compost or even horse manure delivered around Vire ??? I have aro...
started by: John-Telford-866265 · last update: 1470643228 · posted: 1470399949
redymix 0 General
anyone know where I can gat redymix concrete from in the ducc, st James area, and an approx cost
started by: lord shaun · last update: 1470585734 · posted: 1470585734
Classifieds not going on 2 AngloINFO Support
has anyone else had any trouble lately putting adverts on, i put one one the other day its not there, just tryin...
started by: jillm-785990 · last update: 1470580083 · posted: 1470569162
Classifieds 6 AngloINFO Support
I placed some adds but the location comes up as somewhere in USA. How can I change it? I've replied to several e...
started by: hedgehog-796253 · last update: 1470552784 · posted: 1470470090
Can iceland1959 get in touch with us to ... 0 Home & Garden
Hi Ari, for some reason, I couldn't reply to your message so I'm having to do it this way instead. We wou...
started by: mayqueen · last update: 1470470933 · posted: 1470470933