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Contact Citibank re transfer of pensions... 8 Financial & Legal
I am urgently seeking information on the part of Citibank which sends my...
started by: Martin-Nowers-893255 · last update: 1487626573 · posted: 1487068492
Long Term Rental 1 Home & Garden
Hi, we are looking for a long term rental of 6 months from May 2017. Ideally 3 bedrooms, land and storage facili...
started by: natasha3007 · last update: 1487624319 · posted: 1487614355
EFL Cup Final 2 Sport & Leisure
Does anyone know where I can watch Sundays Cup final between Man Utd & Southampton?Thanks in advance....
started by: Plumtart-792535 · last update: 1487609210 · posted: 1487602013
Two dogs missing Guehebert Trelly area 9 General
A French neighbours dogs have gone missingone is a newFoundland and the other a young English setter x&nb...
started by: choosing · last update: 1487605214 · posted: 1485716696
Business account with La Poste 1 General
Hidoes anyone know how to set up a business account with la poste please ?
started by: Delbird · last update: 1487574578 · posted: 1487544573
Diesel Mechanic Needed 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Does anyone know of a mobile diesel mechanic that could come and have a look at my 1991 VW transporter?  Lonla...
started by: Gogs-780866 · last update: 1487499892 · posted: 1487499892
Jasminum Officinale 1 General
I'd like to grow the summer-flowering climber Jasminum Officinale - we're on the Normandy/Brittany border - coul...
started by: LilyP · last update: 1487496558 · posted: 1487465509
Looking for someone to transport 2 mares 7 Pets & Animals
Hi, is there anyone who would like to earn a few euros transporting 2 elderly rescue trotter mares from near Sai...
started by: pierric-791235 · last update: 1487439495 · posted: 1487074714
Electrical query 7 Home & Garden
Hello I am new on here.I am retired English electrician, renovation our little cottage as a holiday home,...
started by: Joseph-Green-893441 · last update: 1487415140 · posted: 1487233885
Moving to France permanently 3 General
HiI would like some advice and do not want to start a huge argument on here as I find many of these discu...
started by: pollypep · last update: 1487408194 · posted: 1486540830
Gite changeovers 1 General
Hello, we have a 3 bed, 1 bath property near to Coutances. Can anyone recommend a reliable person to do changeov...
started by: llol39 · last update: 1487341314 · posted: 1487281974
Seamstress sought 2 General
Is there someone who could take in a pair of trousers, please? I'm midway between Domfront and Gorro...
started by: la Musique · last update: 1487237816 · posted: 1487191471
scrap value of a car 4 General
is there a scrap value price for a family size car?
started by: niceguy101 · last update: 1487167208 · posted: 1486996985
Sit-on mower 6 Home & Garden
Does any body know where the big mower place has gone to in St Hilaire  where we had the sit on mower repai...
started by: morwelham-818777 · last update: 1487161328 · posted: 1487078141
Switching energy companies 16 Home & Garden
How easy (or not) is it to switch electricity companies in France?We have a Maison secondaire and have be...
started by: chasseur · last update: 1487098125 · posted: 1485706726
Rewire a small house 4 Home & Garden
Does anyone know how around much it would cost to rewire a small house 60sqm? My house is in Honfleur in Calvado...
started by: rosalind365-871641 · last update: 1487026249 · posted: 1486593395
time wasters 13 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I placed an add on here aweek ago or so looking for a van I had one guy said he had a van went and looked agreed...
started by: will-i-aint · last update: 1486993777 · posted: 1486722812
Hedge trimmer 0 Home & Garden
Hi,i know this is in the wrong section but i gave up after about half an hour trying to post an ad in classified...
started by: rock dj · last update: 1486992552 · posted: 1486992552
Caretaker/cleaner/changeovers 3 Home & Garden
I am looking for a reliable person to check my property in Champ Du Boult once a month and do the year round cha...
started by: susiejrowe · last update: 1486989107 · posted: 1486723754
Where to buy 2nd hand Sofa and Furniture 6 General
Hilooking for a couple of sofas and some other bitsany recommendatons near v...
started by: Charlie66 · last update: 1486986682 · posted: 1486837975
Android by Google TV box 0 General
Hi all,does anyone have any info on the above,installation,subscription costs etc.please.
started by: bill-newton-892703 · last update: 1486986558 · posted: 1486986558
Drummer looking to join a band? 1 General
Drummer looking to join a band/group in Charente area own transport payment for gigs not essential
started by: bolam911 · last update: 1486986514 · posted: 1486985230
Topper 1 General
Topper (gyrobroyeur) wanted min 1.2mtr.  Location canton St Pois
started by: Dale-Goodier-852996 · last update: 1486906337 · posted: 1486828208
breakers yards 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi I am looking for some spare parts for a mitsubishi L200 truck and wondered if anyone knew of a breakers in 61...
started by: Iamhe · last update: 1486795495 · posted: 1486737628
Living in France money management aftern... 0 Financial & Legal
started by: Labelleetoile · last update: 1486719297 · posted: 1486719196
Looking for grizzly or Polaris 4x4 quad 0 General
Any pointers as to the best place to fInd the above in vgc would be welcome must be at least a 500Are the...
started by: choosing · last update: 1486663051 · posted: 1486663051
residency 1 General
Friends looking to settle in france He has UK passport, wife and children hold australian passports  - it s...
started by: Fiona Molnar · last update: 1486636767 · posted: 1486634220
Mark1967 1 General
I have responded to the ad posted by Mark1967 with the name of Wilson.I have sent 2 emails with no reply.Have yo...
started by: yellowmorgan · last update: 1486635975 · posted: 1486634120
trying to contact Lady12 about the geldi... 1 Pets & Animals
I have sent several emails about your horse but I dont know if you have received them?  Please can you chec...
started by: tinkatonk · last update: 1486635850 · posted: 1486376565
Swing dancing 0 Entertainment
Hi ...just wondering if anyone knew of any swing dancing or Lindy hop events around the Mortain or Vire area? In...
started by: suzette-112168 · last update: 1486582019 · posted: 1486582019
Can anyone help please 11 General
started by: Vinrouge · last update: 1486576742 · posted: 1486201279
RSJ's 0 General
I'm looking at using steel RSJ's as apposed to oak beams for my renovation.  Has anyone used these in Norma...
started by: Buddy · last update: 1486575280 · posted: 1486575280
Engish speaking notaire 0 Financial & Legal
I am looking for an English speaking notaire near Saint Lo, Any suggestions?
started by: Frank-Osborne-892921 · last update: 1486572263 · posted: 1486572263
spares or repair 1 General
I have sold cars before but never one for spares or repair  is there anything I should do apart from writin...
started by: Iamhe · last update: 1486556748 · posted: 1486554938
Help with DUER please 2 Financial & Legal
Hi. Does anyone have any experience with DUER? we are looking to employ someone and understand that we have to p...
started by: afriend-817695 · last update: 1486524951 · posted: 1486484743
Loss of TV stations 2 General
i have lost BBC 1 & 2 ITV 3 & 4 YESTERDAY 584/537 & 539 on my freeview digibox around 5PM,Has anyone...
started by: bill-newton-892703 · last update: 1486488379 · posted: 1486487477
Moving items to uk 8 Home & Garden
HelloMy property (50540) is currently for sale, and unoccupied. I am currently in the UK. I am selling in...
started by: ellekaye · last update: 1486475136 · posted: 1486145856
Equine questionnaire 6 Pets & Animals
started by: CHERIE-207793 · last update: 1486474444 · posted: 1486411273
For Sale Ads 7 General
Be careful responding to adverts for sale. I've just wasted a morning driving to an agreed rendezvous, only to b...
started by: la Musique · last update: 1486466152 · posted: 1486379616
Beware of car scams 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Having recently put my land rover for sale on leboncoin, one of the reply's I got was from a person who said
started by: kimobi · last update: 1486455721 · posted: 1486405007
X Pats/ 22 General
Considering there are 1000s plus  of Xpats  in Europe who arrived here to start businesses, join relat...
started by: mzgaddafi · last update: 1486319233 · posted: 1485947678
New Gite Rules 2 Financial & Legal
Does anyone know about the supposed changes for GIte Owners, as stated in an article in the Connexion this month...
started by: magiruth · last update: 1486308542 · posted: 1486303245
Lettuce Wars Uk 6 General
I cannot stop laughing
started by: picon · last update: 1486243265 · posted: 1486146075
Flaky pastry 3 Food & Drink
Can anyone advise me about the flour I need to make the above here is France.Many thanks for reading
started by: yer tis · last update: 1486210783 · posted: 1486138279
Best tractor??? 0 General
What would be a good tractor use for harrowing & topping 4 ha plus flattening a sand arena 
started by: choosing · last update: 1486117206 · posted: 1486117206
St James auto jumble 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi! I am looking for the date of the auto jumble at St James usually in March around Easter time.anyone h...
started by: Sparkie2004 · last update: 1486114235 · posted: 1485950276
Weimaraner - was lost now found. 2 Pets & Animals
thank you to everyone who contacted us and lent support. He was found on Tuesday by a gentleman in Romagny who c...
started by: vipmh · last update: 1485983492 · posted: 1485965361
Join a choir! 0 Entertainment
Do you like to sing? ever thought of a choir? Then our small choir Voix d'Eté is just what you need! Based in J...
started by: Tandy-791184 · last update: 1485786776 · posted: 1485786776
Social Tax on Non-Resident Income 3 General
A couple of months ago there was a posting re the above, not sure if it was AI Normandy or Brittany but I am una...
started by: LilyP · last update: 1485784339 · posted: 1485763462
Price list 0 Financial & Legal
This will affect both artisans who advertise on the internet, and those who use their services:http://www...
started by: la Musique · last update: 1485717117 · posted: 1485717117