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McTimoney Chiropractor sought 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Joi-Vie-880948 · Updated: 1634547550 · Created: 1634547550
Hello, does anyone know of a McTimoney chiropractor in Basse Normandy or N Pays de Loire or East Brittany? Thanks
Notaire not releasing funds 1 Financial & Legal Started by: WESMCC · Updated: 1634402658 · Created: 1633451162
HI All It appears I may have a problem .We completed sale of our home in Normandy one month ago .Our mortgage has been
Enlarging a small photo 2 General Started by: thefrenchgeraghtys-789530 · Updated: 1633961179 · Created: 1633603208
I have tried hard to enlarge a small photo but it is not working well for printing. Programmes are available on the inte
other uses for cider apples 7 General Started by: manana-799806 · Updated: 1633520873 · Created: 1382195326
we have a few cider apple trees and would like to use the apples nad not leave to waste. We do not have the knowledge to
taking my classic tractor to normandy 0 General Started by: Daniel-Butler-912938 · Updated: 1633518122 · Created: 1633518122
hi all...i want to take my classic tractor to france so i can rip out all the deep brambles on my land ...will i have to
Taking building material from UK to France... 5 Home & Garden Started by: DAVID-POWELL-981515 · Updated: 1633445455 · Created: 1610728846
Has anyone done this yet? Experience?Currently in the middle of a house renovation in the Creuse area, and looking to pl
Carpet cleaning 3 Home & Garden Started by: T Squared-807638 · Updated: 1633416071 · Created: 1632392213
Anybody know of a company or individual that cleans carpets in situ. Villedieu area.
Books 0 General Started by: Ezekiel-921521 · Updated: 1633084694 · Created: 1633084694
We are down-sizing, and must dispose of upwards of a thousand books, hard-back and paper back, fiction and covering a wi
Registering an S1 in France 0 Financial & Legal Started by: mr bean-871782 · Updated: 1632916568 · Created: 1632916568
Hi,Can anyone tell me how to register my S1 in Calvados. The Vire needs me to make an appointment on-line. But
3mm birch plywood 0 General Started by: Hilda70 · Updated: 1632395089 · Created: 1632395089
Does anyone know where I buy 3mm plywood ?
satellite broadband providers for second... 3 Entertainment Started by: REMF-789472 · Updated: 1632309805 · Created: 1630415028
We'v been using Bigblu to provide our satellite broadband for quite a while now. It feels like a lot of money for not mu
Return to UK COVID Antigen Test 5 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Jane-Glazin-1001188 · Updated: 1632290857 · Created: 1629117469
Anyone know where to get a return to UK Antigen test not PCR in the Perche area ?
glazier/window replacement recommendations 0 Home & Garden Started by: REMF-789472 · Updated: 1632209122 · Created: 1632209122
Can anyone recommend anyone to replace a window near Barenton? It's an old building with old style windows so will not b
Painter and decorator required in Barenton 1 General Started by: Le Grande Homme · Updated: 1632208763 · Created: 1434809794
Hi folks, Please could you post or message me details of painters and decorators in the Barenton area who have worked fo
dual nationality 1 Financial & Legal Started by: jillm-785990 · Updated: 1631691062 · Created: 1627845763
has anyone applied for this if so what form did you complete and where did you send it
Solar panels 18 Home & Garden Started by: Oferyas-807188 · Updated: 1631648233 · Created: 1358886549
Apologies if this has been raised before - 'search' doesn't seem to be working for me tonight. We have been contacted by
Mini digger and dumper delivery to the... 0 General Started by: steve-argyle-926847 · Updated: 1631185218 · Created: 1631185218
Does anyone know of a delivery person that frequently returns to the I have a 1.5 ton mini digger and a 1 ton du
House clearance in Melle 0 Home & Garden Started by: robert chilcott · Updated: 1631016195 · Created: 1631016195
House clearance in Melle all week.Call Bob for directions. 07768 221240
French book translated into English for Domestic... 17 Home & Garden Started by: Jack Russell-781550 · Updated: 1630882724 · Created: 1362495007
Hi all. We'rehaving our house currently wired asthe temporary supply is well and truly now disconnected. Can anyone poin
Looking for a doctor 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: boog1 · Updated: 1630666545 · Created: 1630584978
Hello , our doctor has left and isn't being replaced in the near future , can anyone recommend an English speaking docto