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cricket 1 Sport & Leisure Started by: John-Doe-1020753 · Updated: 1642541165 · Created: 1642538000
Hi.I want to start making money from cricket betting but so far I haven't been able to find a good app advise something
cricket 0 Sport & Leisure Started by: John-Doe-1020753 · Updated: 1642537974 · Created: 1642537974
Привет. Я хочу начать зарабатывать на ставках на крикет, но пока н
Do you know these people from Saint-Quentin-sur-le-Homme... 1 General Started by: frenchspy · Updated: 1642537845 · Created: 1636468689
I am trying to contact an english couple who lived in Saint-Quentin-Sur-Le-Homme near Avranches at a place called La Fos
Stable girl 1 Pets & Animals Started by: Paul -Smith-1014619 · Updated: 1642500622 · Created: 1642338572
We are looking for a stable girl 3-5 days per week.St Roch sur egrenne 61Jobs include helping to muck out, groom the hor
Lake Dathee Fishing 10 Sport & Leisure Started by: Gwilliams1953 · Updated: 1642005149 · Created: 1373189525
Hi as anyone any info on the fishing at Lac Dathee? eg cost of day tickets and where to buy them from? Also type of spec
looking for a pet sitter 1 Pets & Animals Started by: jillm-785990 · Updated: 1641914503 · Created: 1516140611
Hi, i am looking for a pet sitter it isnt urgent i just want the numbers handy just in case, i live 72600 area border of
Timber 0 Home & Garden Started by: Paul -Smith-1014619 · Updated: 1641801499 · Created: 1641801499
HiDoes anyone know of a cheap timber merchant for to purchase large amounts of timber, up to 50km from Domfrontthank you
house removals 0 General Started by: brucieboy · Updated: 1641386694 · Created: 1641386694
Looking for a removal company to move house items from domfront area to pre en pail area average house contents to new h
5 nat wooden farm gate 1 General Started by: Paul -Smith-1014619 · Updated: 1641216794 · Created: 1639198748
Does Anyone know where I can get a 5 barwooden farm gate
Venomous snakes 2 Pets & Animals Started by: Paul -Smith-1014619 · Updated: 1640885388 · Created: 1640750338
Hican anyone tell me if there are venomous snakes in Normandy and if yes what they look like and where would they usuall
A crew to unload a van in Vire 1 Home & Garden Started by: Chris-Nation-947301 · Updated: 1640605731 · Created: 1640002254
It's removals but only the second part ... My van [Renault Master] is packed with all my things from my flat in Spain. N
Gravel (type 2) 1 General Started by: Paul -Smith-1014619 · Updated: 1640167774 · Created: 1639341494
Hi does anyone know the nearest gravel pit to Domfront. I’m looking for a 20 ton load of type 2 base gravel
Car insurance 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: steve-todd-858914 · Updated: 1639565996 · Created: 1639412290
I passed the No Claims discount information sent to me by Admiral in UK to La France Mutualiste to insure new French reg
Change uk to French number plates 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Lee-Barrow-928045 · Updated: 1639496591 · Created: 1581928560
Hi.. I live near Carentan and wondering if there a English speaking person or company who can can help with what's invol
straught wood, where....? 0 Home & Garden Started by: darylprice-811669 · Updated: 1639142903 · Created: 1639142903
AS it suggests above, does anyone know of any merchants or stockists that have available straight timber, pine not oak.I
SFR problem 8 General Started by: ashbashed · Updated: 1638975296 · Created: 1637510728
Hi Due to a big mistake on my part the linebox did not get returned to them, it ended up at the dechaterie! They are cha
garden maintenance cost 2021 3 Home & Garden Started by: simeon-945427 · Updated: 1638912196 · Created: 1620310481
hello allI saw a posting for 8 years ago relating to gardening costs. Does anyone have up to date costs for garden maint
Long Term House Rental 0 Home & Garden Started by: ashbashed · Updated: 1638907613 · Created: 1638907613
Hi we are looking for a long term single storey house to rent, with 2 bedrooms, & must have a shower.We are looking
Travelling fun fairs 0 Entertainment Started by: Paul -Smith-1014619 · Updated: 1638678216 · Created: 1638678216
Does anyone know the list of dates/times of the travelling fun fairs in Normandy and Brittany throughout the summer seas
Secondhand Tractors For Sale 7 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: AndrewS-10049661 · Updated: 1638139566 · Created: 1453462410
Hello, I have recently moved to Normandy, Manche and am looking to buy a secondhand tractor 40 - 60 hp, topper and trail