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Private message facility 0 General
Hi,does anybody know if the private message facility on AI is working?.I have pm,d someone twice in response to ...
started by: rock dj · last update: 1495736784 · posted: 1495736784
A2B Foods 2 General
Are they still operating pls.?
started by: JIM-REEVES-898034 · last update: 1495733584 · posted: 1495723742
Feedback option for Business Directory l... 3 General
Is there any interest among members for a 'Feedback' option on the Directory listings? If so, should the option ...
started by: martin · last update: 1495733132 · posted: 1494929944
Scaffolding cost 2 Home & Garden
Does anyone know the approximate cost to scaffold "tin hat" a property so you can replace the roof etc.  
started by: David-Wilcox-899498 · last update: 1495731255 · posted: 1494867780
Looking for work 2 General
HHi  I am a student looking for some temporary work, i speak fluent French anything considered. Dept...
started by: clare-graham-900714 · last update: 1495713170 · posted: 1495656751
Question about Tubage 1 General
After fitting new tubage , how often or do you have to have them swept ?
started by: DCCEURO · last update: 1495706900 · posted: 1495697425
Blues Man! 3 General
Hi, recently moved to Manche area, I'm a Blues harp player, bit of guitar and vocals too. Played many big stages...
started by: Spencer-Richards-872681 · last update: 1495671332 · posted: 1495556704
Cast my vote today 12 General
Voting papers arrived today and returned - hope you all have registered!
started by: haikanko-786768 · last update: 1495622799 · posted: 1495465517
Hay needed 5 Pets & Animals
Hello, Im looking to buy hay for my livestock in the Sourdeval 50150 area but I am willing to travel and can col...
started by: Grench · last update: 1495609482 · posted: 1494490733
Hacking out 0 Pets & Animals
Is anybody local to the Romagny area interested in hacking out. I have a green horse who I currently hack out al...
started by: Holly290 · last update: 1495563490 · posted: 1495563490
adverts 1 General
is it possible to edit an advert , I have search all round but found no way to do this ,, do I have to start ove...
started by: Iamhe · last update: 1495554242 · posted: 1495552914
Gendarmerie Assistance - 9 General
Hi all. I recently had some garden equipment to the value of c3000 euros nicked from my barn not far from Coutan...
started by: earthvisitor · last update: 1495548611 · posted: 1495365745
Fishing 0 Sport & Leisure
Can anyone tell me if the Fishing lake in Ger is atill open please
started by: jeeplady · last update: 1495440871 · posted: 1495440871
House sale . 5 General
Hi folks probably asking the impossible --can anyone recommend a pro-active English speaking Notaire or Immoblie...
started by: skc-805719 · last update: 1495385846 · posted: 1494937463
Running 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi there, I live in coulouvray boisbonettre. I'm interested in starting up a running group or joinin...
started by: emily-pelucci-899897 · last update: 1495379270 · posted: 1494679688
How come the new Prelevements Sociaux on... 14 Financial & Legal
Hi, Just doing online declarations and have been asked to also pay the 
started by: BizzyBee:)-805117 · last update: 1495373621 · posted: 1495111272
Food Bank 3 General
Yesterday i met a lovely lady in S.U. St.James,she was collecting for the above worthy cause,as i'm now retired ...
started by: JIM-REEVES-898034 · last update: 1495290988 · posted: 1495282491
disposal of asbestos 0 General
Hi,  Does anyone know how you can dispose of asbestos, sheeting correctly or where I can go to find out thi...
started by: Elizabeth-Whittaker-872790 · last update: 1495287491 · posted: 1495287491
Ducks & Chickens 0 Pets & Animals
Hello.....I need advice on which type of duck & chicken to buy for eating purposes, we want to buy youngster...
started by: etalon · last update: 1495275943 · posted: 1495275943
Woodburner installer 6 Home & Garden
Hi,could anybody recommend a professional who can install a new woodburner/flue etc.I am thinking of buying one ...
started by: rock dj · last update: 1495270871 · posted: 1495031595
Carpet Cleaner liquid wanted for our mac... 5 General
Does anyone know if you can buy carpet cleaner liquid in France?  
started by: thefrenchgeraghtys-789530 · last update: 1495263462 · posted: 1495212093
Request For Hay 0 General
Would the person from a sanctuary near Saint Hilaire du Harcouet who contacted me for hay this morning please ri...
started by: Baronray · last update: 1495200804 · posted: 1495200804
St James Fete 0 Entertainment
Does anybody know the dates of the summer Fete/Fair this year ???
started by: cliff-791858 · last update: 1495135203 · posted: 1495135203
Electrician 1 General
Hi--Can anyone please recommend an Electrician in the Ducey area . Thanks in advance .
started by: skc-805719 · last update: 1495131718 · posted: 1495123099
Attaching sidecar to classic bike 5 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I have a classic Velocette registered in France, I want to attach a sidecar I have bought; how does one go about...
started by: Slash-874620 · last update: 1495090975 · posted: 1495033255
Will under British inheritance laws 1 Financial & Legal
Has anyone successfully had a French will drafted under the regulations that permit you to choose the inheritanc...
started by: Slash-874620 · last update: 1495088401 · posted: 1495033638
Education and Entertainment 0 Entertainment
C.H.E.M.istry will be providing the entertainment in Brouains this Saturday 20th. The museu...
started by: carl robinson · last update: 1495059196 · posted: 1495059196
Sheep shearer wanted 0 Pets & Animals
Looking for mobile sheep shearer for four sheep, Villedieu les Poeles
started by: fanny adams · last update: 1495051783 · posted: 1495051783
French Bitumen-backed roofing felt 0 Home & Garden
Hi,I have a car-port kit that includes rolls of bitumen roofing. the reverse side has a plastic, perforat...
started by: anne.dekapp-327530 · last update: 1495013365 · posted: 1495013365
How to mark a classified ad as sold 2 General
I know this has been asked before but for the life of me I can't find it - please could some kind soul tell me h...
started by: LilyP · last update: 1495009552 · posted: 1494965251
Open Mic Night -sat 20th May 0 Entertainment
I run an Open Mic Night in the function room of a bar in the Notre Dame du Touchet (50)  area, this Saturda...
started by: pontaubray · last update: 1494966562 · posted: 1494966562
Looking for an English speaking Dentist 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Can anyone recommend an English speaking Dentist in the Vire/Villedieu area. They will need to accept Carte Vita...
started by: yachtbroker-781099 · last update: 1494939763 · posted: 1494939763
Dog Grooming 0 General
Hi AllDoes anyone know of a mobile dog groomer in the Isigny Le Buat area, because the warm...
started by: Susan M-940357 · last update: 1494932126 · posted: 1494932126
od fashioned (now) televisions 3 General
Apart from decheterie .. are these of value to people? I hate to throw things away just because they are ...
started by: JES-810072 · last update: 1494929047 · posted: 1494848786
Paid lift needed today, from just outsid... 0 General
started by: love animals · last update: 1494917031 · posted: 1494917031
long term rental 1 General
Hi My partner and I are looking for a year long rent before we commit to buy. Ideally within walking dist...
started by: jessie1 · last update: 1494912666 · posted: 1494873674
Lift needed from just outside Tinchebray... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
started by: love animals · last update: 1494863824 · posted: 1494863824
Lift to Caen 0 General
Hi, .seeking lift to Caen ferry early morning from Domfront area on Tues 30th May..obviously help with fuel. Tha...
started by: Polly · last update: 1494833835 · posted: 1494833835
Cribbage 2 General
Are there any groups of players local to St.Hilaire and environs pls.
started by: JIM-REEVES-898034 · last update: 1494792926 · posted: 1494688600
Blown a fuse 4 General
Need someone to fix a fuse on one of the small domestic circuits, beyond me,  and the local electrician won...
started by: acrylic · last update: 1494787433 · posted: 1494773888
Electrician needed for 27350 (Etreville,... 2 Home & Garden
We just started a renovation of our house near Etreville (27350) and would welcome English speaking electricians...
started by: Eric-Adams-899955 · last update: 1494776610 · posted: 1494775108
goat's udder!! 5 Pets & Animals
I have a 4 year old goat whose udder has grown enormously over the last couple of years - it reduced q...
started by: hardy-789150 · last update: 1494692198 · posted: 1494671131
Tree surgeon 0 Home & Garden
Looking for a tree surgeon on climber only tree basis. Must be registered and insured as for excessive work load...
started by: E'n'L fr · last update: 1494621073 · posted: 1494621073
Lost Dog 0 Pets & Animals
LOST - A Rescued ST BERNARD has escaped from his foster home (11th May) in Montbray 50410
started by: jacky50800 · last update: 1494614700 · posted: 1494614700
yoga 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I am looking for a Pilates/Yoga class in the caen area, can anybody help please?
started by: pheenie · last update: 1494595282 · posted: 1494595282
Changing driving licence from Enlish to ... 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Has anyone got a list of papers needed to change a licence over? Many thanks
started by: Jane Heneghan · last update: 1494582208 · posted: 1494579598
Abandoned kittens 2 Pets & Animals
found 2 kittens in a bin today (Mortain area 50) can anyone help ? or does anyone know of someone who rescues ki...
started by: ria88 · last update: 1494579501 · posted: 1494541706
Hog Roast available in Calvados/Suisse N... 0 Food & Drink
Hi all, I am organising a 40th birthday for a friend and have hired a place near to Clecy for a week in early Ju...
started by: henryandsophie · last update: 1494530359 · posted: 1494530359
Citroen car parts 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Does anyone know of a site, or shop, where I can get reasonably priced parts for a C5 RHD? I need a new steering...
started by: AlanLD · last update: 1494489545 · posted: 1494394147
paying for tax returns 3 Financial & Legal
I have always paid my income tax annually online on receipt of the invoice. Can I no longer do this. I have had ...
started by: brightonbell · last update: 1494487219 · posted: 1494433205