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Raw Feeding 0 Pets & Animals
Hi All,I move permanently to Normandie in September accompanied by my Newfoundland & Spinone. I raw f...
started by: nostaw-10069345 · last update: 1469491792 · posted: 1469491792
Removals 1 Home & Garden
Does anyone know of a removal company my mumAbout thirty boxes French dresser and 3piece sofajust ...
started by: perron-785122 · last update: 1469484575 · posted: 1469278305
committed to sell? 5 Home & Garden
Does anyone know that if an offer of the asking price is offered, is it LAW in France that it has to be excepted...
started by: not4me · last update: 1469472267 · posted: 1469439017
Road Cycling Club. 1 Sport & Leisure
Can anyone tell me if there is a road cycling club near Saint-Clemant-Rancoudray (50)
started by: Steve-Faithfull-858708 · last update: 1469456888 · posted: 1469453429
Gate fitting 2 Home & Garden
Need anglo den entrance gate fitted.  Vimoutiers area.
started by: musca-798046 · last update: 1469432919 · posted: 1469390443
Ballon water heater advice 6 Home & Garden
Can anyone offer advice please. My ballon is 3 years old, last week it tripped the fuse a few times and from a m...
started by: peterpan-794095 · last update: 1469432194 · posted: 1469190286
Borders 2 General
We are sat here wandering if the French are doing the same security controls as At Calais on the Belguim borders...
started by: choosing · last update: 1469378722 · posted: 1469342562
Seeking parrots for sale or breeders in ... 2 Pets & Animals
Does anyone have healthy parrot for sale or know of breeders in the area within 200km radius from Domfront. I am...
started by: fgalal · last update: 1469363308 · posted: 1469212516
Planning Permission 1 Home & Garden
Hi, We have recently purchased a house, with outbuildings, and some land near Saint Cyr. 
started by: Chris-Payne-865269 · last update: 1469359624 · posted: 1469355676
problems selling a house 0 General
The compromis was signed three months ago, with a ten day cooling off period for the buyer.  There was also...
started by: bojo-802103 · last update: 1469305641 · posted: 1469305641
Help!! 6 Families & Kids
Hi there we have recently moved to Normandy, Brecey to be precise near Ville Dieu...I have two daughters a one y...
started by: Racheal-971807 · last update: 1469293779 · posted: 1469261794
Celotex....what is French equivalant? 0 Home & Garden
(Having difficulty am trying again...apologies!I am looking to buy several sheets of 100mm Cel...
started by: Amanda.61 · last update: 1469283574 · posted: 1469283574
Trespass 7 General
Hi. Does anyone know if there are trespass laws in Normandy please. I've cctv footage of a neighbour, knowing I'...
started by: Claire -Carter -865119 · last update: 1469266035 · posted: 1469131942
Stag Beetles 1 Home & Garden
Just killed a couple that was on my small young dog,he digs up allsorts,and not Bassets.Is there anything i can ...
started by: BEN-DOVER-864075 · last update: 1469224350 · posted: 1469217261
TV engineer 1 Home & Garden
Does anyone know of a qualified TV technician In the Avranches/St James area who can sort out issues with recept...
started by: labellefille · last update: 1469223349 · posted: 1468753506
french qualifications 1 General
Does anyone know if my french qualifications are good in the UK or will i have to do them again ? thank you ...
started by: simsjake · last update: 1469216177 · posted: 1469191763
Orange answer phone message in English 2 General
Can anyone tell me the way to cancel the Orange French answer phone message and to record a message in English.
started by: andrew & elizabeth · last update: 1469191301 · posted: 1469173388
Looking for a Property to buy 10 General
We have just moved to the area to look for a house to buy so would like to know if anyone can recommend a reliab...
started by: Daisy Doo-10051466 · last update: 1469178807 · posted: 1468753963
Making ice cream without double cream? 3 Food & Drink
We are going to buy an ice cream maker so we can use up some of our soft fruits this year. The only problem is t...
started by: hopalong-792717 · last update: 1469127955 · posted: 1469081736
General help 4 General
started by: horseygirl-819204 · last update: 1469085775 · posted: 1468585121
Woodworm treatment 1 General
Can someone help please? We are treating two old beams we have bought which are affected by woodworm - the badly...
started by: LilyP · last update: 1469085320 · posted: 1469083040
Discussion Page ? 0 General
Has the discussion page changed. Before i could click onto  Homes gardens/Animals  etc  now it se...
started by: pacco · last update: 1469084995 · posted: 1469084995
registering a car in france 5 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Can anyone advise me please....I am trying to register my husbands van here in France, after c...
started by: marieclare-785936 · last update: 1469051439 · posted: 1468830281
check your receipts and change 4 General
I am just warning people that use super u in Brecey. I have used it 4 times in the past 2 weeks and one time the...
started by: sjw 1 · last update: 1469009710 · posted: 1468917949
Two Bikes wanted to buy or rent 1 Families & Kids
I need two bikes for 8 year olds who are visiting for 10 days from 5th August 2016. Rent or buy.
started by: · last update: 1468962626 · posted: 1468951677
Load share of Woodshavings for horses et... 0 General
HiAnyone interested In the above as I am about to agrée on 720 bales delivered to near Gavray/ Coutances...
started by: choosing · last update: 1468925472 · posted: 1468925472
Spotlight on Broadway musicals 0 Entertainment
A  evening of music in aid of Cancer Support France on Sunday 7th August 2016 at 7.15pm, in the Salle Polyv...
started by: pontaubray · last update: 1468925211 · posted: 1468925211
Found them at last! 0 General
Would the couple who bought 3 armchairs from us in Briouze last year please get in touch as , amazingly, I have ...
started by: Chezziebags · last update: 1468921583 · posted: 1468921583
Turkey 3 General
They certainly need them in the EU.!
started by: BEN-DOVER-864075 · last update: 1468883173 · posted: 1468700346
Few hours labour required in Le Theil Bo... 0 General
Hi, I need help to unload furniture from my van on Tuesday 26th at 8am in the village of Le Theil Bocage (14410)...
started by: westminster-611381 · last update: 1468856927 · posted: 1468856927
Newby 6 Home & Garden
Hi I've recently bought a longere near St hilaire du harcouet. .any ideas on purchase of wood and building mater...
started by: carl-lister-864622 · last update: 1468841915 · posted: 1468558249
Woodland Walks with My Dog 1 Pets & Animals
Just moved to the area of Gorron can anyone suggest any woodland walks with my dog. She is old and feeble so a n...
started by: Daisy Doo-10051466 · last update: 1468837891 · posted: 1468755513
afternoon tea 0 General
anyone tell me where is the English family who do afternoon tea in their garden to the west of Beny b...
started by: goodman-815070 · last update: 1468834736 · posted: 1468689588
Logging of site 2 AngloINFO Support
Hi it's been a while since I used angloinfo but now I can't find a way to log out of the site. 
started by: labellefille · last update: 1468810497 · posted: 1468754398
Civil war?!! 8 General
Each morning something new.An expert on TV has said civil war is a strong possibility In France.
started by: choosing · last update: 1468790272 · posted: 1468737326
1 x brown laying hen. Free to good home. 0 Pets & Animals
I am looking for a new home for Debbie - my brown hen as soon as possible. She lays most days and has a nice nat...
started by: jane-higgins-864757 · last update: 1468759151 · posted: 1468759151
Meeting Fellow Horsey People 0 Pets & Animals
I have just moved to the Gorron area and my horses will be coming in a few months time when i have secured a pro...
started by: Daisy Doo-10051466 · last update: 1468754866 · posted: 1468754866
Vide Greniers 6 General
Any good vide-greniers on this weekend anYwhere?
started by: chrissiewa · last update: 1468736926 · posted: 1468490190
My heart goes out to the people slayed a... 6 General
It is just awful.These terrorists must be stopped.certainly Donald Trump although politically In c...
started by: choosing · last update: 1468703477 · posted: 1468559934
swallows nests 6 Pets & Animals
Hican anyone reliably inform me as to my obligations to swallows nests that are on my house - at present ...
started by: Dene-Leyland-864626 · last update: 1468699127 · posted: 1468566722
Wanted- Sitdown Mower. Near Domfront 1 Home & Garden
Hi allGardener has hung up his mower! Does anyone have a sit down mower for sale? Cash waiting...
started by: frogman007 · last update: 1468691318 · posted: 1468666333
Credit card fraud online betting 3 Financial & Legal
Hi I recently used a car hire company in UK and following that my card was compromised.  Does anyone know h...
started by: floradora · last update: 1468685576 · posted: 1468665529
Television 1 General
For some reason I can't find the above listing of mine - but just want to say thank you to Jet Lag who has just ...
started by: never put me off · last update: 1468602257 · posted: 1468595168
Lift to Caen ferry. 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi all.  I'm looking for a lift to Caen ferry Tuesday 19th July. I'm near Domfront. Just myself and a small...
started by: the furbo turbo · last update: 1468567681 · posted: 1468567681
Full health insurance? 4 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I need to get a quotation for full health insurance, i.e. providing the necessary annual cover here for a person...
started by: Oferyas-807188 · last update: 1468525765 · posted: 1468438652
Scam letter from Madrid 0 General
Has anyone else received by post a letter telling you you have inherited millions of US dollars? I know it's a s...
started by: june-780929 · last update: 1468491609 · posted: 1468491609
son scratched neighbors car 4 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello,  I have lived in a new build in a lottisment for 2 years, my son (8) likes to draw on the pav...
started by: stuart 76-786833 · last update: 1468485081 · posted: 1468440188
Yamaha digital piano repairs?? 1 General
Any ideas who may be able to look at and repair a CLP380??
started by: laurianne · last update: 1468447017 · posted: 1468442743
Lost items 0 General
Hello, I'm looking for some advice please. Our friends are staying in our house near Mortain, and yesterday they...
started by: Nick-Edwards-864532 · last update: 1468445931 · posted: 1468445931
Fire surround 2 General
Hi what is a fire surround called In French?we have a solid oak one In good condition that I wish to put ...
started by: choosing · last update: 1468404820 · posted: 1468335006