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Hornets nest 4 Home & Garden Started by: Martin-Harris-Stephens-944900 · Updated: 1570896780 · Created: 1570825499
Can anyone help hornets nest I'm in domfront
Hornets nest 0 Home & Garden Started by: Martin-Harris-Stephens-944900 · Updated: 1570825323 · Created: 1570825323
Help anyone recommend a nest destroyer??? Hornets
English speaking groups in Normandy? 0 Families & Kids Started by: Shanice-Alexander-946374 · Updated: 1570784928 · Created: 1570784928
Hi all, so I have just moved to Normandy to be with my children (who are fluent French speakers) and I currently am look
Wood delivery 0 General Started by: jacques-792254 · Updated: 1570698779 · Created: 1570698779
Hello. Does anyone know anyone who could supply and deliver a demi-corde of decent wood for my wood burner during the fi
Satellite tv installer 0 Home & Garden Started by: Martin-Harris-Stephens-944900 · Updated: 1570642078 · Created: 1570642078
Hi all, can anyone recommend a satellite installer in Domfront please? Many thanks.
Mobile gardener 9 Home & Garden Started by: Martin-Harris-Stephens-944900 · Updated: 1570454308 · Created: 1569414106
Honest and hardworking man moving to Domfront in 2 weeks looking for work.Skilled in painting, roofing, gardening....a r
open mic 0 Entertainment Started by: marmaduke-629551 · Updated: 1570026654 · Created: 1570026654
Open Mic at The Red Lion Desertines this Sunday 6th October from 3pm come along show off your talent or enjoy the show
Roof maintenance 1 Home & Garden Started by: chateriere · Updated: 1569938719 · Created: 1525275270
Hi Folks. We've been using a local one- man French roofer for some years to replace tiles and generally keep the roof ma
Urgent Request for English Speaking Doctor 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Katy-Garlington-936355 · Updated: 1569444135 · Created: 1569444135
Does anyone know of an English speaking doctor near Saint-Lo or Bayeux? Can you please email me details if you know of a
Social Meets 3 Families & Kids Started by: thehawkers · Updated: 1569405872 · Created: 1521497200
Hello all.. we (Husband and wife 49 / 53) are currently living in our place near Saint Pierre Sur Dives and looking to m
Barking dogs 0 Pets & Animals Started by: David-Evans-945279 · Updated: 1569237917 · Created: 1569237917
A friend of our's gave us the use of their house in Normandy while we looked at property recently.Unfortunately we had t
information 2 General Started by: wotagain? · Updated: 1569156261 · Created: 1567019208
Hi, can anyone recommend someone to obtain a c.u. on a plot of land with a tumble down on it? Ferte Mace area, Thanks in
recommendations for fire installation and... 3 General Started by: jillm-785990 · Updated: 1569137459 · Created: 1568997055
as my title says, i am looking for recommendations for a log burner to be installed by person qualified and also i want
Some one required with low roof van and energy... 0 General Started by: Marc-Harbord-944762 · Updated: 1568689837 · Created: 1568689837
Clearing house and barn this week in Couterne and need some help from someone with small van to do tip runs etc. Our van
Van coming from Portsmouth to caen empty 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Marie-MORGAN-944534 · Updated: 1568312021 · Created: 1568312021
Open Mic 0 Entertainment Started by: marmaduke-629551 · Updated: 1567501924 · Created: 1567501924
Open Mic at The Red Lion,Desertines this Sunday 8th September 3pm onward come along show off your talent or just enjoy t
Brittany Ferries.....Club Voyage 0 General Started by: steve-argyle-926847 · Updated: 1567430322 · Created: 1567430322
Good afternoon all....... I have to make a dash over to France at the end of the last Club Voyage membershi
Transferwise borderless for house sale proceeds 0 Financial & Legal Started by: debmou · Updated: 1567000187 · Created: 1567000187
We're in the process of selling our house in Normandy. We're thinking of having the proceeds paid directly in to our Tra
Tenant Farmer nudging away my land 1 Home & Garden Started by: Jack Russell-781550 · Updated: 1566481838 · Created: 1553716062
HiHas anyone had the same issue that I'm having with a tenant farm who has over the years been nudging away at my land.
Elder Law Attorney 0 General Started by: Elder-Attorney12-943151 · Updated: 1566452614 · Created: 1566452614
Formany people, the best choice for long-term care costs involves setting up aPooled Income Trust. Open to people of any