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Pet scissors need sharpening professionally 0 General Started by: thefrenchgeraghtys-789530 · Updated: 1600349554 · Created: 1600349554
Does anyone know where I could get my pet grooming scissors sharpened?
Carpenter 2 Home & Garden Started by: Joanne -Marshall-970541 · Updated: 1600330431 · Created: 1600208033
Hi Guys, I am a time served Carpenter and Joiner,City and Guild's trained at the moment I have a UK based company, but w
How to delete an advert 1 AngloINFO Support Started by: RebD · Updated: 1600181043 · Created: 1599764814
I put an advert up to sell chickens. They are now sold but I cannot see a way to delete the advert or edit it to say sol
How do you protect your PC from viruses? 1 General Started by: Barry-Senzor · Updated: 1600101603 · Created: 1599925581
How do you protect your PC from viruses? What apps do you use?
Covid Scam 0 Financial & Legal Started by: rmb13 · Updated: 1600095773 · Created: 1600095773
Just a polite warning.Today we had a call around lunchtime from 'a company' wanting to send 'a technician' round to our
Gas central heating boiler 2 General Started by: Hot dog · Updated: 1600011023 · Created: 1599987658
Can anybody recommend a reliable a gas engineer to repaire my gas central heating boiler thanks
Lake Dathee Fishing 8 Sport & Leisure Started by: Gwilliams1953 · Updated: 1599833116 · Created: 1373189525
Hi as anyone any info on the fishing at Lac Dathee? eg cost of day tickets and where to buy them from? Also type of spec
baking soda 2 Food & Drink Started by: geoffrey kenneth · Updated: 1599664971 · Created: 1337850371
Anyone know where i can buy baking soda ? what is it called ? ta
Forum format 5 AngloINFO Support Started by: helipilot-787536 · Updated: 1599664634 · Created: 1211896530
The main page fits my screen, but when I click on a posting everything goes "double" screen size.Anyone else havin
Mobile phone set up 1 General Started by: nickandkimtrask · Updated: 1599208138 · Created: 1599130754
I really need help with setting up new smartphone ,I live near Putanges le Lac, Orne
Gardener/Handyman 0 Home & Garden Started by: Sophie-Smith-904045 · Updated: 1599129981 · Created: 1599129981
I am looking for someone to do gardening work or odd jobs once a week.I am not far from Dinan 22100 or Dol de Bretagne 3
End of my tether 3 Home & Garden Started by: janepurser · Updated: 1599057079 · Created: 1598948738
Hello,We've recently experienced a power cut so our cordless phone via Livebox 4 broadband stopped working as did our mo
Recommendations for a plasterer 0 Home & Garden Started by: Wanderers-795637 · Updated: 1598855084 · Created: 1598855084
We are now ready to have our barn plastered,we are close to the village of Mantilly.does anyone have recommendations ?
i am moving to france 5 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Jane-Hirst-968901 · Updated: 1598789851 · Created: 1598117473
can anyone tellme how long i can drive with my english plate before i need to change it to a french platemany thanks
sky TV 1 Home & Garden Started by: sandra limburger · Updated: 1598430150 · Created: 1598347627
Can anyone tell me what number Sky news is on? It was on 232 but not any moreSandra
Help please 2 Home & Garden Started by: laprainiere · Updated: 1598170912 · Created: 1597139492
Hello,My wife arrived at our house yesterday and found a large silver birch keeled over and resting on our garage. Fortu
Getting points back on your French licence 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: woodyb-801556 · Updated: 1598030817 · Created: 1598030817
I lost quite a few points over the years mainly because I was slightly over the speed limit. Driving a UK car! I was won
sink for sale 0 General Started by: radar1 · Updated: 1598005261 · Created: 1598005261
double sink 40 euros, Nr Coutances 50
Buying next-door cottage 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Anton-Taylor-963825 · Updated: 1597950670 · Created: 1597950670
I have the opportunity to buy the cottage next door, which is attached to mine. Would I be able to knock a door through
How often do you clean swimming pool? 1 Home & Garden Started by: Barry-Senzor-968689 · Updated: 1597940661 · Created: 1597873678
How often do you clean swimming pool? How much time do you usually spend on this?