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LEATHER CLEANER 0 Home & Garden Started by: magiruth · Updated: 1576149540 · Created: 1576149540
Has anyone got ideas/information on successful cleaning of leather sofas? We have 2 light dimple effect sofas. Have trie
Rules on Conseil Departmental assistance... 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Martin A · Updated: 1576145617 · Created: 1576145617
A French friend has managed to get a care home place for her husband who is seriously incapacitated. She has received a
Hairdresser 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Jean-Pritchard-950663 · Updated: 1575560547 · Created: 1575560547
Does anyone have a current mobile number for Julia Quinn please?
Tradespersons governing body 0 General Started by: woodin43-785595 · Updated: 1575458347 · Created: 1575458347
Does anyone know how to complain about a tradespersons poor service? Is the Chambre des métiers the place to start? Tha
calling all carers, English speaking carers... 26 General Started by: Suzanne23 · Updated: 1574983253 · Created: 1360687224
I am working in France doing basic home help and care work. I was thinking it would be a good idea for those of us out t
Anyone passing St. Andre de Bohon on the... 0 General Started by: Medhead · Updated: 1574977379 · Created: 1574977379
Hi all, I am looking for someone who might be passing our house on the D29 between Tribehou and St George who could tell
Carte Grise 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: alex-Prette-869069 · Updated: 1574934226 · Created: 1574934226
We have just bought a new car and are driving on aprovisional Carte Grise (WW plates) can we drive to England on these p
Smartphone, iPhone 0 Home & Garden Started by: Chris-Richards-948765 · Updated: 1574843325 · Created: 1574843325
I want to buy a smartphone, or probably an iPhone as I already have an iPad which I am used to. But I am an ignoramus, s
People please check a tradesman/woman SIRET... 0 General Started by: haikanko-786768 · Updated: 1574419600 · Created: 1574419600
It is the clientsresponsibility to ensure that the person you employ to work on your house etc is not only registered bu
Rezoning along the Route de Vire (D977) between... 0 General Started by: jkeehner · Updated: 1573929325 · Created: 1573929325
Hello to the group,Is anyone aware of any potential rezoning along this route -- or something major that is being planne
Rubbish clearance 0 Home & Garden Started by: Austin-Baker-948866 · Updated: 1573653469 · Created: 1573653469
Hi all. Having just retired to the Romagny (Mortain) area we are looking for someone who can remove the household rubbis
Wholesale NHL Jersey online 0 AngloINFO Support Started by: Wholesale NHL Jersey online · Updated: 1573115728 · Created: 1573115728
Address:2540 Mission StSan Francisco, CA 94110Phone:415-764-5662Business Email: soccerinbox2013@gmail.comURL 1#: http://
Open Mic 3 Entertainment Started by: marmaduke-629551 · Updated: 1572992632 · Created: 1572367126
Open Mic at The Red Lion,Desertines this Sunday 3rd November from 3pm ,new owners ( Len & Mandy) same format come al
LOOKING FOR A DIY HANDY PERSON 0 Home & Garden Started by: pau · Updated: 1572702911 · Created: 1572702911
Hello ,Doesanyone know a person who would be able to replace some slates on a small area of roof ,The roof is easily acc
LOOKING FOR DIY PERSON 0 Home & Garden Started by: pau · Updated: 1572702441 · Created: 1572702441
Hello .Does anyone know of a person who would able to do a small roofing repair of replacing ( putting back in place ) s
Garden/grass cutting 2 Home & Garden Started by: John-Philips-946607 · Updated: 1572696026 · Created: 1571318662
Hi We are possibly buying a property in the Domfront area,near Ceauce.The house has a reasonable garden area with a lawn
Classical Pilates and Intelligent nutrition 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: SIDONIE-BRIOULT-RÉGNIER-947732 · Updated: 1572645211 · Created: 1572645211
Hello everyone ! My colleague and I just opened a Pilates and Nutrition Studio, about a month ago, in Fleury-sur-Orne =
Classical Pilates and Intelligent nutrition 0 Sport & Leisure Started by: SIDONIE-BRIOULT-RÉGNIER-947732 · Updated: 1572645096 · Created: 1572645096
Hello everyone ! My colleague and I just opened a Pilates and Nutrition Studio, about a month ago, in Fleury-sur-Orne =
Mobile gardener 24 Home & Garden Started by: Martin-Harris-Stephens-944900 · Updated: 1572643880 · Created: 1569414106
Honest and hardworking man moving to Domfront in 2 weeks looking for work.Skilled in painting, roofing, gardening....a r
Holiday insurance 0 General Started by: jillm-785990 · Updated: 1571691436 · Created: 1571691436
I have carte vital and cmu-c. If your going on holiday out of France to another eu country do you need other insurance i