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Calais 2 General
My daughter and grand daughter are coming to visit at christmas and are worried about the reports in the newspap...
started by: hussar · last update: 1474823388 · posted: 1474791019
Thoroughbred gelding 0 Pets & Animals
Looking to rehome my horse as a companion, returning to the UK and he will not appreciate the journey back and n...
started by: Sninfia · last update: 1474823066 · posted: 1474823066
Small bushes and shrubs 0 Home & Garden
Looking for a stockiest close to Avranches, any ideas welcome.
started by: T Squared-807638 · last update: 1474814792 · posted: 1474814792
Dog collecting Taunton 0 Pets & Animals
Can recommend  a company or a private individual travelling over to France I have a small dog  fully p...
started by: Jim Dan · last update: 1474813888 · posted: 1474813888
Fishing 0 General
Has anyone fished the resevoir at Landisacq, I had a look over there today, nobody was fishing but it looks pret...
started by: bouve-796849 · last update: 1474810350 · posted: 1474810350
Fishing 0 General
Has anyone fished the resevoir at Landisacq, I had a look over there today, nobody was fishing but it looks pret...
started by: bouve-796849 · last update: 1474810350 · posted: 1474810350
Fishing 0 General
Has anyone fished the resevoir at Landisacq, I had a look over there today, nobody was fishing but it looks pret...
started by: bouve-796849 · last update: 1474810349 · posted: 1474810349
Does anyone sing with the choir in Fouge... 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi, I've heard of a really good choir in Fougeres--Maitrise Saint-Leonard--and would very much like to check it ...
started by: AmyLM · last update: 1474751252 · posted: 1474751252
Best French banks for english speakers 6 Financial & Legal
We are going to buy a holiday home in Ranes, Orne (15 kilometres south of Falaise) soon and would appreciate it ...
started by: Angela -Wood-855093 · last update: 1474751156 · posted: 1474365668
Cant put classified on as its saying i h... 11 AngloINFO Support
started by: martynandmary-792067 · last update: 1474739153 · posted: 1473964556
Adding an ad to the web site 0 General
Blimey that only took most of the day to put a single ad on the "for sale Home and Garden"  could'nt get it...
started by: J Goodwin · last update: 1474738008 · posted: 1474738008
Milk Thistle 5 General
I need some Milk Thistle for my dog - would anyone know where I could get this from please. I am near Pontorson ...
started by: LilyP · last update: 1474727666 · posted: 1474646098
been a while 11 General
what has happened to A I what a mess it is now , do they really think this is better ,,,lord help us if they do
started by: Iamhe · last update: 1474716272 · posted: 1474276934
Bringing horse to France 0 Pets & Animals
I am going to bring a mare over from Portsmouth to near Falaise in Calvados in a small lorry. Would anyone like ...
started by: lostinnormandy · last update: 1474641931 · posted: 1474641931
Jam & Chutney Preserves Swap Day 1 General
started by: Sarah-Bateman-853301 · last update: 1474638639 · posted: 1474638562
French Car club in the Orne 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Anyone know of a French Car Club in the Orne please...Classic or racing. Thankyou
started by: Polly-Crowe-870095 · last update: 1474637640 · posted: 1474386376
La chasse 5 Pets & Animals
started by: victor thomas · last update: 1474628228 · posted: 1474294509
Macmillan Coffee Morning 23 rd September 1 General
I am hosting a Macmillan coffee morning in memory of my Mum and Sister who lost their battle with cancer. There wil...
started by: charly-786497 · last update: 1474622395 · posted: 1474536399
Searching for Gary Bruce 0 General
Hi - quite a while ago Gary did a super job on a couple of our trees - he was the tree surgeon that everyone see...
started by: portfolio · last update: 1474620378 · posted: 1474620378
ferries again 14 General
brittany ferries . i just looked for 21 dec out 26 rtn .stopped looking when i saw over 130 one way and even mor...
started by: gsx1400-900760 · last update: 1474613055 · posted: 1473956984
Chez Nous or French Connections 0 General
I've decided to advertise with eitherFrench Connections or ChezNous. Is there anyone who...
started by: LilyP · last update: 1474550465 · posted: 1474550465
Rugby Club 7 Sport & Leisure
Can anyone tell me if there is a rugby club in Normandy please
started by: Polly-Crowe-870095 · last update: 1474530069 · posted: 1474375742
Portable Cassette Player 2 General
Has anyone got a Portable Cassette Player I could borrow for a long flight journey?  I live near Flers, Fal...
started by: thefrenchgeraghtys-789530 · last update: 1474530031 · posted: 1474198003
CEPAM & Notre Dame Hospital in Vire - wa... 6 General
I have recently had a bad experience with CEPAM & Notre Dame Hospital in Vire (Area 50). I had to have knee ...
started by: juno gingell · last update: 1474529239 · posted: 1474378553
5 Day Course 5 General
Can anyone please tell me, I am trying to register as an Auto-Entrepreneur. Several people have advised that I w...
started by: Steve-Faithfull-858708 · last update: 1474464454 · posted: 1474381755
societe general bank card 1 Financial & Legal
will my french bank card work in uk ATM machines?thanks
started by: Alyson & Ade · last update: 1474463839 · posted: 1474462322
Stranger stopped me at Haleine (61) 1 General
Just thought I would post what happened 2 nights ago around 9:15pm as we were coming back from Tesse Froulay. &n...
started by: mehitabel-807776 · last update: 1474454754 · posted: 1474454361
Does the Merging of Communes mean 7 General
less Maries? i.e. Is there now 1 Marie  for Vire-Normandie and no longer any others in con...
started by: Charlie66 · last update: 1474362930 · posted: 1474053938
Energy rebates from government 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello. We live in Normandy and are at the point of needing a new car. We have a 2003 diesel Clio and are conside...
started by: mlane78212-783445 · last update: 1474278000 · posted: 1474273605
Word of warning 16 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I would like to warn readers about a recent experience. When trying to import a Nissan X-Trail, I was quoted €...
started by: · last update: 1474276877 · posted: 1473887039
accommodation 17th October 0 Pets & Animals
Evening we are travelling back from Poitou Charente on Monday 17th October with two jack russells for a crossing...
started by: tansy-577726 · last update: 1474225559 · posted: 1474225559
Wooden window maintainance needed 2 Home & Garden
Hi we have recently relocated to France near Vire (14) We have a long list of wants over the next year or two bu...
started by: Nichola-Mullan-862728 · last update: 1474211867 · posted: 1474172103
Pet sitter for Christmas period. 2 Pets & Animals
Is anyone able to recommend a friendly pet/house sitter in the Vire/Flers/Tinchebray area please?
started by: orchardlady · last update: 1474091140 · posted: 1474034145
anyone thinking of moving south? 2 General
started by: pie in the sky · last update: 1474050426 · posted: 1474037782
Broadband in Normandy 3 Home & Garden
Hi All, I have a holiday home in Normandy and wanted to get wifi/broadband installed. So far ...
started by: Tony-Barker-869787 · last update: 1474049126 · posted: 1474034329
karaoke 0 Entertainment
I believe there Karaoke on at the Red Lion Desertine this Saturday?
started by: marmaduke-629551 · last update: 1474025174 · posted: 1474025174
halloween 2016 nr St. hilaire 0 Families & Kids
Hi we plan to be over in our holiday home during Halloween and our 6yrs old is devastated that mum and dad have ...
started by: Alyson & Ade · last update: 1474020393 · posted: 1474020393
Plumber recommendation needed to change ... 2 Home & Garden
Hi. Looking for a plumber to replace a monobloc tap fixed on a stone sink unit. It's a bit awkward to get to but...
started by: greenways-796964 · last update: 1473972623 · posted: 1473931431
House needed for long term rent 0 Home & Garden
We are a young couple looking for a long term rental property in normandy. We are looking to find a house within...
started by: Katie2502 · last update: 1473960153 · posted: 1473960153
Chimney Sweep in Suisse Normande area? 1 Home & Garden
Hi All, just wanted to check if anyone had any recommendations for a good reliable chimney sweep around Thury, C...
started by: henryandsophie · last update: 1473940280 · posted: 1473868328
Accommodation needed from October 17th t... 3 General
Accommodation needed from October 17th to the 22nd of October  in the Brittany areas of Avranches, Ponerson...
started by: Ballyheigue · last update: 1473934451 · posted: 1473890393
High winds 0 General
Just a heads up to anyone that may have a property in the west of France. We have had a very large storm with ve...
started by: godstar-628599 · last update: 1473930226 · posted: 1473930226
Reclaimed Bricks 4 General
Hi does anyone know where i can buy reclaimed bricks
started by: davidsh · last update: 1473927556 · posted: 1473789713
Scaffolding 1 Home & Garden
Hello Can anyone recommend a company near Dieppe that rents out scaffolding?Thanks.
started by: racoony · last update: 1473926897 · posted: 1473858607
Looking for an Optician 6 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello,            My wife needs to see an optometrist and then an optician ...
started by: mpooley-788351 · last update: 1473876084 · posted: 1473850248
Paws'n'claws 0 Pets & Animals
started by: Milk maid-788765 · last update: 1473859836 · posted: 1473859836
Caravan electric coupling 1 General
 Hi, I have purchased a caravan and need a second electrical connection added, I already have connection fo...
started by: bouve-796849 · last update: 1473804153 · posted: 1473787408
Capping off a chimney 0 Home & Garden
Looking for someone to cap a chimney off for me please. Chimney pot gone, hole needs covering. Could lead to mor...
started by: wotagain? · last update: 1473788515 · posted: 1473788515
Nissan xtrail 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Is the sound of the direction indicator light adjustable?
started by: aliceandnorman · last update: 1473787936 · posted: 1473787936
Caravan electric coupling 0 General
 Hi, I have purchased a caravan and need a second electrical connection added, I already have connection fo...
started by: bouve-796849 · last update: 1473787408 · posted: 1473787408