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Taking building material from UK to France... 3 Home & Garden Started by: DAVID-POWELL-981515 · Updated: 1611744279 · Created: 1610728846
Has anyone done this yet? Experience?Currently in the middle of a house renovation in the Creuse area, and looking to pl
Covid test 4 AngloINFO Support Started by: George-Stringer-982267 · Updated: 1611564646 · Created: 1611408201
Can anyone help please? I am due to travel back to uk on 2nd February and require a covid test for my return. I am in Pe
Newt or salamander or something else? 4 Pets & Animals Started by: blacksheep-807384 · Updated: 1611164137 · Created: 1610663869
I took the dog out for his last walk on Tuesday night and it was chucking it down. I saw slow movement in the lane and w
Looking to buy hoilday home in orne 1 General Started by: Colman -Sheehan-981585 · Updated: 1610962223 · Created: 1610799463
Hi I am looking to buy a hoilday home in orne and found a lovely one in passais. Does anyone know much about this place.
Looking for house to rent 2 Home & Garden Started by: horseygirl-819204 · Updated: 1610742526 · Created: 1610127278
Wanted small house to rent furnished or unfurnished for 6 months plus. If possible with small paddock for pony, Prepared
Near neighbors 5 General Started by: Maxine-Welch-981156 · Updated: 1610650573 · Created: 1610466967
Hello,we have just arrived in Normandy on the 16th. December 2020, living in a fantastic house near to Tessy sur Vire.My
English speaking veterinarians in Le Teilleul... 2 Pets & Animals Started by: Samantha-Jones-980116 · Updated: 1610649288 · Created: 1609331438
Hello there,I've just moved to France with my elderly cat who requires regular check ups and medication. I've registered
Wood stain wax mat colour 0 Home & Garden Started by: Sarah-Bateman-853301 · Updated: 1610537335 · Created: 1610537335
Hi there, please help! I need to colour my old wooden beams with a wood stain, with a matt finish. Easy to paint on, but
diffamatory comments 12 General Started by: nénuphare · Updated: 1609958873 · Created: 1211314191
good evening, I am new to this forum and I do not know if anyone can help... My family and I have been in France for so
Cyclo cross races? 1 Sport & Leisure Started by: Samantha-Jones-980116 · Updated: 1609929422 · Created: 1609331530
Hi thereDoes anyone have information about cyclo cross racing in Normandy?ThanksSam
Problem building work 3 Financial & Legal Started by: jillm-785990 · Updated: 1609351758 · Created: 1609079695
Hi all. I have an appointment with an avocat for another problem. Before I ask there when I go incase they charge me ext
Ferry travel 0 General Started by: Tia-Hayward-979963 · Updated: 1609176388 · Created: 1609176388
Hi everyone,I'm trying to find anyone taking tomorrow (29th) ferry from caen to portmouth and potentially even going to
Hair Colour 11 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: zantazig · Updated: 1608892161 · Created: 1441049988
I have a question for the ladies. Has anyone managed to find a product to strip the colour from hair? I am looking for s
Any Interest in Yoga? 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Daisy Campion · Updated: 1608720847 · Created: 1581074639
Hello all!I qualified to be a yoga instructor in June of last year. I was curious if there is any interest in English sp
transport for hay and straw needed 0 General Started by: afriend-817695 · Updated: 1608305012 · Created: 1608305012
Hi.Anyone able to transport 800 bales (very small - 35x72x50cm) from 14410 Valdalliere to 61360 St Quentin de Blavou. An
Exchange UK(European) driving licence 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Anton-Taylor-963825 · Updated: 1607707438 · Created: 1607639059
I'm having trouble finding the online address of the actual department to contact re exchanging my drivers licence. I ca
Specialised advice requred 12 Home & Garden Started by: pamela desmonde · Updated: 1607503207 · Created: 1604070529
Does anyone know of a builder or someone specialised in earth houses in Manche who could give me some advice on resolvin
bad internet 0 Home & Garden Started by: Shelia · Updated: 1607335888 · Created: 1607335888
Our Internet goes off all the time.! when you are in the middle of something important, or checking items , yesterday it
Wood 1 Home & Garden Started by: Dreams do come true-790085 · Updated: 1607183829 · Created: 1606912214
We ordered wood for our log burner 5 weeks ago and just discovered the farmer who we have bought from for 15 years has b
cpam english speaking helpline 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: trooper a · Updated: 1607074585 · Created: 1344255059
Can anyone please tell me the telephone number of the CPAM english helpline? The number on their card is no longer in us