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can i open a bank account while in England... 1 Financial & Legal
I live and work in the UK and need to start and open an account - my aim is to then have a RIB I will be completing
started by: John London/Bagnoles d'Orne -903722 · last update: 1506076100 · posted: 1506071048
Lime mortar builder 0 Home & Garden
HiAfter recommendations for the above. Need a small area inside doing. Needs the old stuff pulling out too. If this
started by: frogman007 · last update: 1506071651 · posted: 1506071651
Teleconnect 0 General
I'm having trouble with my internet. I've tried emailing and ringing Teleconnect but all I get is an automated repl
started by: woodin43-785595 · last update: 1506068908 · posted: 1506068908
Bike pick up. 7 General
Is anyone passing by Roche sur yon on route to Basse Normandy or Mayenne area. Need a light weight racing cycle pic
started by: tcube928 · last update: 1506063096 · posted: 1505764074
Just finishing our renovations in Domfront.... 2 AngloINFO Support
started by: val.grebezs · last update: 1506025534 · posted: 1506001125
Diversion? 11 Cars, Bikes & Driving
The main road between Le Teilleul and St Hilaire du H is closed for 6 weeks for roadworks. Does anybody know what t
started by: Oferyas-807188 · last update: 1506010469 · posted: 1505915940
Taxe fonciere 1 General
Has anyone else not received their facture yet?
started by: LindaNorton · last update: 1505929830 · posted: 1505906700
Internet 2 General
Can someone tell me why the internet speed in Normandy is so bad?. I dont live in the countryside, but I don't live
started by: Sp4nner · last update: 1505913097 · posted: 1504036343
Getting to calais 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Does anyone know a good route to get to Calais without going over the bridge at Le-havre
started by: Fiona(50) · last update: 1505903414 · posted: 1502035501
Bath enamel restoration 0 Home & Garden
Does anyone know of a person who restores enamelled baths and sinks in the Manche area of Normandy please?  De
started by: Daizy22 · last update: 1505891006 · posted: 1505849067
Exchanging your U.K. Driving license 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi, has anyone recently gone through the process of exchanging their U.K. License for a French one, as advice would
started by: Silkie-893992 · last update: 1505891006 · posted: 1505370411
Flying from Jersey 0 General
Has any one had experience of flying from Jersey to the UK?I have a couple of questions. travelling from St. Malo t
started by: woodyb-801556 · last update: 1505814199 · posted: 1505814199
Looking for english-speaking families with... 2 Families & Kids
Hi all,We are a French(wife)/American(husband) family living in Cherbourg, with a 2 year-old son. We have lived her
started by: Clairea-HOLCOMB-909723 · last update: 1505804240 · posted: 1505720535
Wood shavings 0 General
Putting feelers out to see if anyone is interested in sharing a load of top quality shavings being delivered to Gav
started by: Ally · last update: 1505804147 · posted: 1505804147
Pompe a chaleur 0 Home & Garden
I had a Pompe a Chaleur installed a few years ago, the company went straight out of business so unit never had a re
started by: bessin · last update: 1505743442 · posted: 1505743442
Prefecture Taxes. Manche 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I have another car related question. I
started by: woodyb-801556 · last update: 1505729288 · posted: 1505727885
Changing UK reg car to French 5 General
I know this topic has been covered many time - however can someone clarify if a CT is required in order to register
started by: stagecoach · last update: 1505724064 · posted: 1505409957
AXA 2 General
Does anyone know if the AXA office in Villedieu is open on a Monday.....please & thank you.
started by: etalon · last update: 1505674861 · posted: 1505654556
mobile phones 2 General
Can anyone help please, looking for a reasonable contract for son who is away all week at school, needs to be able
started by: cottage pie · last update: 1505656738 · posted: 1505550825
yoga or pilates ? 3 Sport & Leisure
Hi,We live in 61, between Flers and Falaise and i was wondering if anyone knew of a yoga class in this area, i do
started by: kayjay-781952 · last update: 1505639516 · posted: 1295333212