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Epsom Salts/ where to buy in France 8 General Started by: Flora-787745 · Updated: 1620316379 · Created: 1363277105
I have asked in Leclerc and my local chemist for Epsom Salts and even given the name to them in French, I have been met
Tax declaration 0 Financial & Legal Started by: phantom-809393 · Updated: 1620314426 · Created: 1620314426
With the date looming for completion of the 2020 tax form, can anyone advise me what the conversion rate from sterling t
garden maintenance cost 2021 0 Home & Garden Started by: simeon-945427 · Updated: 1620310481 · Created: 1620310481
hello allI saw a posting for 8 years ago relating to gardening costs. Does anyone have up to date costs for garden maint
Fosse Septique Clearance 0 Home & Garden Started by: bulldogdan · Updated: 1620296229 · Created: 1620296229
Hello, could somebody recommend a company near to St. Hilaire du Harcouet or Reffuvielle areas to empty our Fosse.Thank
travelling to France 0 General Started by: simeon-945427 · Updated: 1620211656 · Created: 1620211656
hi there,does anyone know or have any idea if we shall be able to visit France this year and actually get to and stay in
Club voyage 1 General Started by: StevesLandy · Updated: 1620211402 · Created: 1620061948
Hi. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if Brittany Ferries club voyage will be extended again this year? For the second
Where to declare uk tax on for 2047 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Michael-Hadley-993023 · Updated: 1620117333 · Created: 1620117333
im a french resident. i earnt money in france, however i also spend sometime in the uk and collected a small salary from
Devis 0 Financial & Legal Started by: JAMES-BURROWS-992864 · Updated: 1619876203 · Created: 1619876203
Would someone be able to clarify whether or not a devis is binding if the contractor dies before work is carried out?
Taking items to France 1 General Started by: Caroline-Ward-991905 · Updated: 1619344928 · Created: 1618849596
So have I got it right? Cannot take anything to France worth more £300 or will have to pay tax? I.e. cooker, flooring.
"Junk" card game 3 Families & Kids Started by: B S-H · Updated: 1619289881 · Created: 1240495769
Does anybody have the rules to this game that I could have a copy of please?Many thanks,Bryan S-H
Reclamation yards 0 General Started by: Hilda70 · Updated: 1619126113 · Created: 1619126113
Are there any reclamation yards here in Normandy where I might find used scaffold boards for sale?
U18 Girl's Rugby 2 Sport & Leisure Started by: jennifer-stinton-977148 · Updated: 1618900955 · Created: 1618731086
I am looking for a U18 rugby team for my daughter to join in Basse Normandy. Our nearest town is Vire.Does anyone know o
Anybody crossing channel? 0 General Started by: RogerRabbit · Updated: 1618657603 · Created: 1618657603
Hello,this is a long shot, but you never know... My son is over in the UK at the moment visiting a uni. Need to get him
Trying to find info 0 Families & Kids Started by: fred simpson · Updated: 1618581566 · Created: 1618581566
Hi I am trying to contact Andrea Simpson née Knapman last known address st martin le bouliant 50800, France if you have
Near neighbors 5 General Started by: Maxine-Welch-981156 · Updated: 1618251654 · Created: 1610466967
Hello,we have just arrived in Normandy on the 16th. December 2020, living in a fantastic house near to Tessy sur Vire.My
Expat Dating Sites 4 General Started by: Good man in Normandy · Updated: 1617973265 · Created: 1455743838
Has anybody got any experience of these ? Do they work ? Can anyone suggest which one to try. I am looking for a woman t
Stone flooring - where to get and how expensive? 0 Home & Garden Started by: Sarah-Bateman-853301 · Updated: 1617967924 · Created: 1617967924
Hi there, I am trying to work out a price for stone flooring in our kitchen. It is 32m2 and I am looking for rustic ston
Carte de sejour 3 General Started by: Nicki-Horsham-988448 · Updated: 1617825526 · Created: 1617260060
Is anyone else awiting their S1 and carte de sejour? Im wondering where that leaves us with regards to getting the covid
Nantes Airport 0 General Started by: Hilda70 · Updated: 1617812951 · Created: 1617812951
Hi Everyone,Has anyone had cause to travel from Nantes airport - I am interested in the parking facilities and nearby ho
Looking for CT Garage Recommendation near... 4 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Justy44 · Updated: 1617804367 · Created: 1617726414
Hi There, We're in the process of re-registering our cars. Can anyone suggest a good CT Garage in the Pre-en-Pail/Alenco