Suzuki EN125HU Motorbike for sale


Hola, we are selling our beloved motorbike Luzy, which brought us (German couple 2 big Backpacks 2 daypacks) 8000 kilometers all the way from Mexico to Panama! ***The motorbike was registered in MEXICO with my name on it. *** That means: no problems for a temporary use in Panama. If you want to use it in Panama permanently, there will be an import tax, so itll be best, if we find a traveling fellow or two who want to take the bike on new adventures. Kilometers: ca. 17000 km The motorbike comes with a rack for the luggage (as seen in the picture) and some ropes for securing 2 helmets (worth 90 USD) lock an extra tube for the front tire. The rack can be removed easily if you don't need it. Here is the link to the technical specs:án-en125hu-15. We have all the papers you'll need for the border crossings and could cross any border without problems.

 Please contact Phi Long

 Phone number 491729499161