Airlines, Scheduled Flights & Charter

Light sport aircraft distributor, sell aircraft to individuals, or shared owners, and offer flight school courses for aviation and transition training. Also offer plane rentals.
American Airlines
Flies to and from Panama and the rest of Latin America, the U.S., the Caribbean and Canada.
Air Charter Panama
Helicopters and planes for charter hire. Safe, quick and stress-free transport. Private tours to the canal, San Blas, Costa Rica, or a personalized destination.
Charter Flight Panama
Aircraft charter services and Panama Canal air tours. Based in Panama City.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Flights to and from Panama and the U.S., Canada, Central and South America and the Caribbean.
DHL Aero Express S.A.
Cargo airline based in Panama, charter and scheduled services to deliver freight. Routes include Aruba, Curacao, Guatemala City, Miami and San Jose.
Aires Aviation
Charter flights and private air tours, air taxi, tourism, business, photography, real estate sighting, medical evacuations, cargo shipments all offered.
Air Panama
Local air carrier flies within Panama and to Costa Rica. Several flights a day allow you to fly across Panama and back within the same day.
Panama Travel Group
Travel and tourism agency offers packages in Panama and throughout Latin America. Charters available on land, sea and air. Resorts, ecological adventures, corporate and personal options, medical/esthetic/spa packages, diving kayaking, adventure sports
Helipan Corp.
Helicopter sales and service, piloting lessons. Helicopter tours and charters around Panama. Many of Panamas islands, beaches, rivers and mountains are only a short flight away from the city. Not limited to airports, can land on request.
Copa Airlines
Flights to and from Panama, Latin America, United States, and Canada.
Continental Airlines
Daily flights to and from Panama and other countries in Latin America, Canada, and the U.S.
Helix Craft
Transportation of passengers and cargo by plane, as well as search and rescue. Can be used as aerial platform for aerial photography and video. Also available for charter, real estate scouting, and tours.
Regular flights to and from Panama and the U.S., Canada the Caribbean, and Latin America
Flights between Panama, Latin America and the U.S.
Flights to and from Panama, Toronto and Montreal. Charters and vacation packages available.
Everyday flights to and from Panama and Central and South America, the Caribbean, the U.S. and Canada as well as domestic flights within Panama.
Aero Albrook
Charter flights and helicopter tours in Panama. Fly to Bocas del Toro, Pedasi, San Blas, Coiba, Pinas Bay for business or pleasure.
Spirit Airlines
Discount airline offers flights to and from Panama and the U.S., Latin America and Canada. Flights are booked during off-hours and usually take off or arrive at night, making the flights cheaper than regular airlines.
My Flight Corp.
Charter flights for passengers and freight for individuals, tourists, executives and corporations, city tours, night flights, real estate scouting and transportation of money. 29 destinations in Panama offered, base located at Gelabert Airport in Albrook