Building Supply, Hardware & DIY

Topoequipos S.A.
Wide range of topographic and survey supplies; equipment, machinery, software, GPS.
Doit Center
Home improvement chain. Departments include bedroom, bathroom and accessories, kitchen, cleaning, paint, furniture, electricity, lighting and fan, appliances, plumbing, tools and hardware, construction, garden, sports, car and accessories, pets.
Sell tools, water systems, tubing, piping, valves, hydrants, mechanics, electrical hardware, connectors, interconnection fittings and accessories, repair/spare parts, domestic brass accessories, hoops and covers, wires, cables, lamps, plumbing parts.
Home improvement center. Departments include construction, paint, garden, tools, hardware, homeware, recreation, electric, plumbing, flooring and tiles. Locations throughout Panama City and surrounds as well as in Colon and David.
International retailer of a wide range of industrial products. Order online or at their Panama City location at Via Simon Bolivar (Transistmica) & Ave. 12 de Octubre. Store hours: Monday to Friday 07:30- 17:00 and Saturday 07:30- 15:00.
American company provides bulk/warehouse membership shopping. Offers local and imported wares at reduced prices. Offers grocery items as well as electronics, computers, home appliances, office equipment, hardware, sporting goods, apparel. English website
Tubotec S.A.
Piping, tubing, fittings and accessories. PVC, PVC fittings, copper pipe and fittings, CPVC, fire pipe SCH-10, C-900, valves, large diameter PVC pipe, hosing.
A variety of products for construction (cables, harnesses, hardware), commercial fishing (winches, cables, hooks) and sport fishing (rods, lines, navigation equipment). Several locations in Panama City and country.