Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

Levis Store
American denim brand operates a store in Multiplaza Mall.
Pana Art
Eclectic mix of locally made clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, artwork, crafts, accessories and decorations as well as ice cream. Avenida A and Calle 7.
Over 260 stores and restaurants, a supermarket, banks and a movie theater. Open: 10:00-20:00 Monday to Thursday, 10:00 to 21:00 on Friday and Saturday, 11:00 to 20:00 on Sundays.
Route 66
Variety store sells lighters, knives, belts, and a wide selection of other accessories. Featured brands include Zippo, Oakley, Victorinox, Leatherman, Celestron, Maglite and Camel. Ask for manager Antonio Chen.
Studio F
Colombian designer offers womens clothing at Multiplaza Mall, Metromall, Albrook Mall, Multicentro Mall an an outlet store on Via Espana.
Helly Hansen
Norwegian sport apparel and activewear brand sells mens and womens products at its Multiplaza Mall store. Ask for manager Reyner Diaz.
Adolfo Dominguez
Spanish designer offers mens and womens clothing at its Multiplaza Mall location.
Mens and womens clothing store on the second floor of Multiplaza Mall, next to Hander Salon.
Chajin Designs
Handmade jewelry, clothing, purses, hats, and tees inspired by the patterns and colors of Panama. Located on Via Argentina.
NYC-based clothing store offers several locations throughout Panama City: Multiplaza Mall, Albrook Mall (2 stores), Multicentro Mall and Metromall.
Mandarina Duck
Italian designer of bags, luggage, wallets and travel accessories. Store on the second floor of Multiplaza Mall. Ask for Monica Cohen.
Womens clothing store with locations in Multiplaza Mall, Albrook Mall, Metromall, Via Espana, Chiriqui Mall and Terronal.
Womens clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Location in Multiplaza mall.
Womens and mens clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and accessories. Location in Multiplaza mall.
Outlet Boutique
Cocktail, prom, urban, holiday dresses, fashion jewelry and more, all merchandise from big retail stores in USA.
Armani Exchange
Womens, mens, denim and accessories. Locations in Multiplaza Mall and Albrook Mall.
Skateboards, accessories, apparel, and shoes. Carlos at the Multiplaza location speaks English.
Buys and sells consignment designer and name brand clothing and accessories.
Diablo Rosso
Art gallery, exhibition space, store and cafe. A creative think tank and space for supporting emerging young artists. Concept store with various fun things, clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, masks, books, decorations, and art. Avenida A and Calle 7.
La Deportista
In the same store as La Nota, carries all types of sporting equipment, fitness/exercise machinery as well as swimming, snorkel gear. Sport clothing, shoes, accessories. One of staff speaks English and translates for you. Calle 53, across from Multiplaza
Kinder Ecke
Second-hand store for clothing for babies and kids. San Francisco, Calle 67 and Calle 50, Calle 50 Mall, Mezzanine.
Gladys Vallarino
Crocodile skin and hand-made exotic accessories. Certified by CITES. Locations in Bella Vista (Calle 48), Amador Causeway (Isla Flamenco cruise ship terminal) and Punta Pacifica (Trump Ocean Club lobby).
Colombian brand sells clothing and luggage at its Multiplaza Mall location.
Spanish leather goods and silk scarves as well as jewelry, bags and other accessories. Ask for Yuko Watanabe. Location in Multiplaza Mall.
Shoe store with a shop in Multiplaza Mall.
Stephys Boutique
Formal and evening wear rentals. Store located in Bella Vista, on Calle 51, House #40. Ask for Adelaida Valdez. Open Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00, Saturday 10:00-15:00 and Sunday 10:00-13:00.
Espacio Vintage
Boutique with vintage clothes, shoes and accessories, some new local designer clothing, wares by local artists, and unique pieces from around the world. Will hem, shorten, adjust, take in, fix and tailor. Restocked daily. Plaza Herrera in Casco Viejo.
Leather handbags, designer handbags, leather shoes and leather belts. Stores at Albrook Mall, Multiplaza, and San Mateo Shooping Center.
Large Columbia sportswear store. Monica at the Multiplaza location speaks English.
Shoes and athletic wear. Located in Multiplaza Mall. Open Monday to Saturday 10:00-20:00 and Sunday 11:00-19:00. Jose speaks English.
Sportline America
Sporting clothing, shoes and some sporting equipment for men women and children. Location in Multiplaza Mall.
POLO Ralph Lauren
Womens and mens clothing, shoes, and accessories as well as fragrances. Location in Multiplaza Mall.
Mens and womens clothing and accessories available at Multiplaza Mall, Metromall, and Albrook Mall. Ask for Multiplaza store manager, Carlos Beitia.
Mens and womens clothing, jewelry and accessories. Locations throughout Panama.
Hilfiger Denim Store
Denim and other clothes and accessories in Multiplaza Mall. Ask for Horacio.
American company provides bulk/warehouse membership shopping. Offers local and imported wares at reduced prices. Offers grocery items as well as electronics, computers, home appliances, office equipment, hardware, sporting goods, apparel. English website
International womens clothing designer operates a store on the second floor of Multiplaza Mall. Ask for manager, Patricia Abadi.