Counselling & Therapists

Dr. Francisco J. Mata Pitti
Psychiatrist, educated and trained in Mexico, the U.S. and Panama. Member of the American Psychiatric Association and Association for Behavioral & Cognitive Therapies. In private practice at Hospital Punta Pacifica.
BetterHelp - Online counselling for expats
BetterHelp is a convenient, affordable, private online counseling platform. We match you with the mental health professional best suited to your needs in a safe and private online environment. 
Rodsella Aragundi, M.A.,L.P.
Psychologist specializing in psychodynamic therapy. Psychological evaluations and therapy for all ages. Experience working with individuals with anxiety, thoughts of depression/suicide and adjustment issues. Consultorios Royal Center, Marbella 53rd St.
John Derry
Counselor specializing in addiction, family members, codependency or other unhappiness. Help for stress, grief, loss, conflict, discontentment, change in life situation. Sessions in person, telephone or via Skype.
Dr. Elsie Villarreal Ricord de Diz
Psychiatrist, educated and trained in Panama, Spain and Mexico. In private practice at Hospital Punta Pacifica.
Dr. Hernando Ponce Burgos
Geriatric psychiatrist, educated and trained in Panama and the U.S. (Baylor and Louisiana State). Member of the American Psychiatric Association. In practice at Centro Especializado Paitilla, Suite No. 3, in Centro Medico Paitilla.
The Panama Counselor
Clinical psychologist specialised in children, adolescents, and adults. EMDR therapist, plus college and career counsellor for universities around the globe.
Dinorah Blackman
Licensed psychotherapist and writer runs a counseling and therapy center located on the Panamerican Highway, in front of Valle Hermoso, in Arraijan (next to Dulceria Momi). Offering individual, family and couples sessions.
Dr. Susana De Leon
Pediatric and adolescent psychiatrist, certified in the U.S. Capital Plaza, Costa del Este, Capital Plaza, 13th floor, #1304, in Costa del Este.
Clinical Psychologist
Currently offering therapy sessions by zoom.