Dentists & Orthodontists

Dr. Rodrigo Eisenmann
Periodontist specializing in dental surgery. Practicing at Clinica Dental Eisenmann, located at Calle 53 and Av. Samuel Lewis.
Pacific Dental Clinic
Clinic located in Hospital Punta Pacifica has several licensed specialists in orthodontics, periodontics, and implant dentists as well as general dentists. Open Monday-Friday 9:00-18:30, Saturday 9:00-13:00, also on call for emergencies.
Dr. Gabriela I. Eisenmann
Periodontist trained at the Universidad de Panama, Odontology and at Loyola University of Chicago School of Dentistry. Located in the Eisenmann Dental Clinic, on Calle 53 Este in Obarrio.
Dr. Urania Isabel Gordon de Williams
Bilingual pediatric dentist offers full range of dental care. Located in the Centro Especializado San Fernando, Mezzanine, #2, on Via Espana.
Dr. Roberto A. Sanchez
Pediatric and adult dentistry. Post-graduate in Dental Prostheses from the Medical College in Georgia. Maxillofacial Prostheses from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Licensed in 9 U.S. states. With offices in Marbella and Albrook.
Dr. Juan Jose de Obarrio
Periodontist located in the Centro de Odontologia Especializada (diagonal to Lung Fung) in Los Angeles.
Dr. Graciela I. Broce de Quezada
General dentistry practitioner is also an instructor at the Faculty of Dentistry at the Universidad Nacional in Panama. Offices in Clinica Arango Orillac, Calle 54, Obarrio, also has an office in Albrook on Albrook Plaza.
Clinica de Ortodoncia Y Estetica Dental
Orthodontics and esthetic dental care for adults and children at Albrook and Westland malls. Services include teeth cleaning and extractions, braces and retainers, radiography, tooth whitening, fixed and removable dentures and dental implants.
Dr. Charles A. Garcia
Adult and pediatric general dentistry. Graduate of St. Louis University College of Dentistry and licensed to practice in Missouri. Fluent in English, Spanish and speaks some French and German. Office in Galeria Balboa on Avenida Balboa.
Dr. Fernando Orillac
Orthodontist and Odontologist trained at theOregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon. Works out of the Clinica Arango Orillac, Calle 54 in Obarrio/Marbella Building Arango Orillac, ground floor.
Dr. Jean Marie Guardia Zeimetz
Dental care and services offered by bilingual dentist. Located in the Galerias Balboa, #27, Calle Aquilino de la Guardia, in Marbella.
Vallarino Dental Clinic
Dentistry office with over 25 years of experience; practices according to American Dental Association standards. Located on Calle 50 and Via Israel near Multiplaza mall.
Dr. Erasmo Arias Boyd
Adult and pediatric dentist. Operates out of Balboa Dental Clinic, Bldg 721-X, El Prado, in Balboa Ancon (next to Nikos) and also in Clinica Eisenmann, Calle 53 Este in Obarrio.
Dr. Ricardo O. Bunting Ochoa
Oral surgeon, with specialty in oral rehabilitation. In practice at Clinica Bunting, in San Francisco at Calle 77 and Andres Mojica, near Via Porras and Calle 50.
Dr. Janet Mitchell
Experienced orthodontist with knowledge of dental procedures, hygiene products, devices and solutions, on the Transitsmica highway, Panama City.
Clinica Dental Eisenmann
Dental implants, periodontal ,cosmetic and general dentistry. Dentist is US educated from Loyola University in Chicago. Located in Obarrio on Calle 53 and Ave Samuel Lewis in the La Caleta building.
Dr. Geoffrey Osorio
Orthodontist trained at Loyola University in Chicago, is Board Certified by the American Association of Orthodontists. Perfect Smile Clinic, El Dorado, Albrook and El Carmen
Consultorio Especializado Dento Facial
General odontology and cosmetic restoration. Contact Dr. Samuel H. Asyn Muinos. Located at the Centro Especializado San Fernando on Via Espana in Panama City.
Dr. Ivonne Fabrega
General dentistry practice doctor. Licensed in the United States. Located in Clinica Dental Fabrega, on the ground floor, in Hospital Punta Pacifica. Next to Banco General and Andar, in front of Torre de las Americas
Dr. Fernando J. Boyd Galindo
Periodontist specializing in dental implants. Practicing in Clinica Arango Orillac in Obarrio, on Calle 54.
Dr. Eustacio Garcia de Paredes Cordovez
Dental services offered bybilingual doctor with a degree in dentistry from the Universidad de Panama and Boston University. Certified by the Junta Medica in Panama. Located in Edificio Royal Center PH #101, on Calle 53, in Marbella.
Dr. Emilio A. Guinard
Periodontist specializing in Dental Implants, trained at the University of Michigan. Located in Edificio Royal Center, Section C, 1st floor, Office 118.
Clinica Dental Coronado
Dental clinic for general dentistry, emergencies and dental hygiene. Coronado Mall, 1st floor.
Dr. Eduardo Cabaleiro
Bilingual dentist offers general dental health and hygeine to adults and children. Located in Clinica Arango Orillac, Calle 54, in Obarrio.
Panama Dental Center
Services include oral medicine, dental implants, Invisilign orthodontics, endodontics, periodontal disease, general dentistry. Located in Albrook, El Carmen and El Dorado, phone numbers listed are for center in Albrook.
Dr. Jacqueline Orillac de Gomez
Studies in U.S., specializes in orthodontics. Certified by the American Dental Association and American Association of Orthodontists. Clinica Arango Orillac, 54th St, Obarrio and office in Albrook Plaza.
Dr. Ricardo Arango Arias
Prosthodontist and implantologist, educated and trained in Costa Rica and the U.S. Member of the American College of Dentists. Offices at Clinica Arango Orillac, on Calle 54, in Obarrio and at Albrook Plaza.
Dr. Jaime David Sousa
At the Clinica Dental El Dorado. Recommended for major dental work.
Dr. Juan R. Morales III
Orthodontist graduated Georgetown University School of Dentistry. Doctor of Dental Surgery, U.S. Licenses in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Offices in Clinica Morales and Clinica Sonrisas, ground floor, Via Ricardo J. Alfaro (Tumba Muerto).
Dr. Javier Arias
Doctor of rheumatology. Balboa Dental Clinic, 721-X, in Balboa Ancon, next to Nikos.