Dogs, Cats, Pets & Animals

Spay the Strays
Volunteer group that works with Spay Panama and the McKee Foundation to help stray animals and low-income family pets, sterilize them, rescue them and put them up for adoption if possible. Volunteers are always needed. Located in Coronado.
Spay Panama
Non-profit organization devoted to the sterilization of stray animals and making these services available to everyone who owns a pet in Panama. News and event information can be found through their website and Facebook page.
Veterinarian with clinic and grooming services. Veterinarians speak English. In San Francisco, Calle 74E
Panama Pet Relocation
Assistance moving pets in and out of Panama as well as in transit through Panama. Help with expediting service, guidance with documents, meet pets on arrival, quarantine clearance, health office clearance, late and weekend arrivals, transfers.
Melo Pet & Garden
A division of Melo Home Center, with locations throughout Panama City and country. Offers lawn and garden tools (including seeds, soil and fertilizer), pet supply (food, environment and health products), veterinary care, grooming and pet sales.
VIP Vacation Kennels
Large covered dog kennels, beds provided, green fenced in area for free play, bathing and grooming, meals. Located in Los Lotes, at the base of Cero Azul.
Panama Pet Relocation
Your Best Friend Needs a Best Friend to Make the Trip Easier. International Pet Shipping Services - THE CENTRAL AMERICA AND COLOMBIA SPECIALISTS. Visit us at our website or on Facebook at
Royal Pets
Full service veterinarian for dogs and cats, store sells pet goods, toys, food, medication. Boarding/kenneling for dogs and cats. Grooming and styling. Doctors speak English.
Super Pet
Veterinarian provides all services, offers kennels and boarding (private or double cages with grass area), sell general pet supplies, food, toys, treats. Vets speak English.