GPs & Family Doctors

Dr. Giselle M. Fernandez A.
Educated and trained in Panama. Practicing at Hospital Punta Pacifica.
Dr. Abraham Bardayan
General practitioner, internal medicine, and emergency medicine at Consultorios Medicos Royal Center.
Dr. Jose Teran
Primary care physician trained at the Universidad del Noreste, Panama. Specialization in Exercise, Nutrition and Health from Chile University. Centro Especializado San Fernando, Via Espana Las Sabanas, 5th floor.
Dr. Jose de Jesus Garcia
Educated and trained in Panama and the U.S., with specialty in geriatrics.
Dr. Gerardo Castrellon Oller
Educated and trained in Mexico and Panama, member of the American Academy of Family Medicine and American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Practicing at Hospital Punta Pacifica.
Dr. Juan B. Duran O.
Educated and trained in Costa Rica, Panama and Spain, with specialty in intensive care. Practicing at Hospital Punta Pacifica.