Internal Medicine & Endocrinology

Dr. Nestor Sosa
Internist, with specialty in infectious disease. In practice at Consultorios Medicos Royal Center, at Calle 53 and Avenida Balboa, Sec. A, 1st floor, office 108.
Dr. Ricardo Diaz F.
Hematologist. Located in the Consultorios Medicos Royal Center on Calle 53 and Avenida Balboa, Sec B, 5th floor, #500.
Dr. Antonio Suescum
U.S.-Licenses in Internal Medicine (Florida and Texas), training from George Washington University School of Medicine and Gorgas Hospital. Located in Consultorios Medicos Paitilla (off Av. Balboa near Multicentro Mall) South, 2nd floor.
Dr. Jorge R. Orillac P.
Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. Member of American Society of Gastrointestinology and Endoscopy. President of Interamerican Society of Digestive Endoscopy. Clinica Hospital San Fernando, Via Espana, 2 floor.
Dr. Adriano Delgado Paredes
Specializes in endocrinology, internal medicine and metabolism. Certified in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology. Located in Centro Especializado San Fernando, Via Espana, 2nd floor, #2-5.
Dr. Jose R. Mendez
U.S. board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology. Trained at the Cleveland Clinic (U.S.). In the Consultorios Medicos Paitilla (off Ave. Balboa, near Multicentro Mall) South, 1st floor, office 118.
Dr. Eric Ulloa
Internal Medicine physician at Centro Especializado San Fernando on Via Espana, in Las Sabanas, 6th floor, Offices 6-9 and at Centro Medico Nacional, Av. Justo Arosemena and Calle 38, in Calidonia, 4th floor, office 404.
Dr. Jose Ricardo Ruiz O.
Gastroenterologist with specialty in endoscopic ultrasound. Educated and trained in Mexico, Panama, France and the Netherlands.
Dr. Rafael A. Restrepo P.
U.S.-Certified pulmonologist practicing as a Primary Post Medical Advisor at Consultorios Medicos Paitilla, located at Balboa Ave. and Calle 53, Floor 3, Office #321.
Dr. Nuria M. Tortosa
Nephrologist, educated in Panama. Fellow of the American College of Physicians, designated medical practitioner for the Canadian High Commission, panel doctor for Australian Immigration. At Consultorios Medicos Paitilla (off Ave. Balboa near Multicentro)
Dr. Daniel Abouganem
Specialist in Internal Medicine, Diabetes and Endocrinology, with training in the U.S. Office in Hospital Punta Pacifica on Blvd. Pacifica, ground floor, Office 7A1 and 7A2.
Dr. Carlos A. Rettally
Gastroenterologist with specialty in digestive endoscopy and endoscopic ultrasound. Educated and trained in Panama and the U.S. (Uni. of Chicago and Uni. of Texas at San Antonio). In practice at Hospital Punta Pacifica.
Dr. Julio Santamaria
Hematologist, educated and trained in Panama and the U.S. Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. In practice at Consultorios Medicos Royal Center, Av. Balboa and Calle 53, Sec. B, 5th floor, office 500.
Dr. Generoso Guerra B.
Doctor of internal medicine, specializing in rheumatology.
Dr. Carlos Viggiano
Nephrologist, educated and trained in Panama and Canada. Member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. In practice at Consultorios Medicos Paitilla, suite 412.