International Lawyers & Law Firms

Sucre | Arias | Reyes
Wide range of practice areas, including corporate law, estate planning, intellectual property, labor, and immigration. Located at Avenida Ricardo Arango and Calle 61, Obarrio.
Overseas Management Company
Full-service worldwide provider of corporate services, including global incorporations, private interest foundations, trusts and managed structures, legal services, ship registration, accounting and administrative services, and virtual offices.
Global accounting firm provides audit and assurance, consulting, human resources, legal, tax, and corporate deals and finance services. Office in Obarrio (Av. Samuel Lewis and Calle 55E)
Patton, Moreno & Asvat
With a focus on international business, practice areas include maritime, corporate, commercial, financial, administrative, labor, banking, aeronautical, intellectual property, and general litigation law.
Sovereign Management & Legal
Legal and asset protection company specializes in immigration and residency law, business and labor law, financial license acquisition, real estate law, offshore account solutions and relocation services. All provided from outside Panama.
Rosas and Rosas
Full-service attorneys with international alliances with other firms. Practice areas include corporate, banking, aviation, labor, tax, immigration, family, insurance, and contract law. Panama office: Via Espana 122, Torre Delta, 14th Floor
Mossack Fonseca
International trust and corporate services worldwide. Offer legal, trust, company formation, asset management, ship and yacht registration, intellectual property, investor advisory, and offshore structures services.
Aguilar Castillo Love
Internationally-minded firm with offices throughout Central American and the Caribbean provides corporate legal services and consulting, including advisory on commercial transactions and dispute resolution.
Pardini & Asociados
Member of the International Business Law Consortium (IBLC) offers complete legal service in areas including corporate, immigration, tourism, real estate, commercial, litigation, foreign investment, and offshore companies.
Sucre, Briceno & Co.
Full-service law firm specializing in the organization of companies, trusts, private interest foundations, and corporate, banking, commerce, labor, administrative and telecommunications law.
Morgan & Morgan
Lawyers take general practice cases including marriage/divorce, insurance, banking/financial, aeronautical/maritime, damages, collections, estates, some criminal, property, auto/accident, civil/criminal law. Calle 53 Este, MMG Tower, 16th Floor, Marbella
FT International Law Firm
Assistance with the set up of Panamanian companies and other jurisdictions, advise on asset protection and international tax planning, banking, residence and relocation services, vessels and trademark registration.
Cedeno & Mendez
Offices throughout Latin America specialize in regulatory affairs, intellectual property, corporate law, migratory law, real estate, labor law, and competition, consumer, and advertising.
Quijano & Associates
International firm; practice areas include maritime, admiralty, corporate, commercial, banking, intellectual property, entertainment, and immigration law, as well as trust services, estate planning, litigation, and dispute resolution.
Lopez, Villanueva & Heurtematte
Practice areas include administrative law, arbitration, commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, immigration, incorporation of companies and private interest foundations, intellectual property, international litigation, and real estate.