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Cambra La Duke & Co.
Areas of practice include corporate, tax and immigration law, intellectual property, real estate, foreign investments, yacht and vessel registration, offshore company foundations, office bank accounts and virtual office, private foundations.At 50th Street...
Anzola Robles & Associates
Commercial law with an emphasis in corporate, tax, regulatory and real estate practice. Other practice areas include energy and telecommunications, intellectual property, financial and fiduciary, insurance, international trade, immigration and labour law....
Panama Offshore Legal Services
Licensed Panamanian law firm specialising in offshore legal services including forming Panama corporations and foundations as well as immigration, real estate transaction processing, escrow services, maritime vessel registration and bank accounts in Panam...
Orillac & Guardia
Law firm whose practice areas include corporate, employment, business, immigration and maritime law as well as litigation, trusts, constitutions, private foundations and investment advice. In Torre ADR Technologies building, Floor 7, Office 7A, on Ave. Sa...
Solis & Elias
Expertise in corporate, mercantile, environmental, real estate, labor, intellectual property, administrative and tourism law in addition to litigation and a variety of virtual office services. At Edificio Office One, Piso 15, Oficina 1510 Calle 58 Obarrio...
Berroa, Diaz & Guerrero
Independent law firm whose practice areas include labour, maritime, civil and mercantile, consumer protection, criminal, administrative, conciliation, negotiation, tourism, real estate, taxes, corporations and foundations affairs and arbitration.
Bufete Candanedo
Independent law firm whose practice areas include corporate law and counseling, foreign investment, tax, real estate, environmental, immigration, mergers and acquisitions, maritime, litigation, arbitration and mediation and intellectual and industrial pro...
Kosmas & Kosmas
Legal services to expatriates in real estate, asset protection and general legal advice as well as property, financial, immigration, taxes, civil/commercial law and collections. At Avenida Samuel Lewis, Omega Building, Floor 6 and 7, Obarrio.
Mata & Pitti
Attorneys at law specializing in maritime and admiralty law, yacht registration and offshore company formation. Offices at Ricardo Arias Street, Advanced Tower, 1 Floor, in the Banking District,
Saldana & Saldana Abogados
A firm with experience in the both the public and private sector. Practice areas include tax, business, corporate, civil and immigration law as well as contracts, corporations, offshore corporations, private foundations and real estate consulting.
Troncoso & Asociados
Corporate, banking, commercial, civil, litigation, administrative, immigration, employment, real estate, foreign investment and tax law as well as trusts, trademarks and copyrights. At Torre IBC, Piso 9, Oficinas 6 y 7, Avenida Manuel Espinosa Batista.
Icaza, Gonzales Ruiz & Aleman
General law practice established in 1920 covering multiple areas of law (see website for full details). At Aquilino de la Guardia Street No. 8 IGRA Building P.O. Box 0823-02435 Panama.
Arosemena, Noriega & Contreras
Law firm with over 40 years experience offering assistance in general practice cases including aeronautical/maritime, government, labour relations, financial, contract and immigration cases. At Tower Financial Center, 16th Floor 50th Street and Elvira Men...
Morgan & Morgan
The largest law firm in Central America covering all areas of the law with specialist areas including banking and securities law, business and corporate law, environmental and employment law among others. At MMG Tower, 16th Floor, 53E Street, Marbell...
Miranda & Contreras
Law and real estate office in Boquete. Legal services include immigration, labor law, family law, corporation and foundations, contracts, litigation and real estate. A variety of property listings for sale and rent as well. At Don Vidal Building, 2nd...
Pardini & Associates
International multi-faceted law firm which specialises in foreign investments and corporate law. At Plaza 2000 Tower, 10th Floor, 50th Avenue, Panama.
Rainelda Mata-Kelly Law Offices
Independent lawyer who graduated from Cornell University and practiced in London for six years. Specializes in corporations/commercial/shipping law, taxes, contracts, real estate, immigration and work permits. At Suites 406-407, 4th Floor, Tower B, Torres...
GALA Galindo, Arias & Lopez
Galindo, Arias & Lopez is a full service law firm providing legal solutions for local and international clients with business interests in Panama. At Scotia Plaza, 11th Floor Federico Boyd Ave. No.18 & 51st Street, Panama City 0816-03356.
Chen, Fuentes, Simana & Asociados
Independent law firm offering practising corporation, foundation, immigration, intellectual property and maritime law.
Luis Ambulo
Business-oriented law firm with expertise in corporate law, financial and tax law, organization of private interest foundations, intellectual and industrial property and immigration. At San Francisco Avenida Andres Mojica Nº 66, Panama City.
Arias, Fabrega & Fabrega
International law practice  covering over 30 areas of law including capital markets, banking, commercial, real estate, corporate services, estate, private clients, government contracts, permits, intellectual property, labour, immigration, litigation,...
Lombardi Aguilar Group
Independent law firm specializing in business, corporate, tax, estate and e-commerce law as well as intellectual property, civil litigation, private client services and formation of trusts, foundations and companies. Offer free 30-minute initial consultat...
Argon Law
Law practice which deals with residency visas, investment packages, asset protection, offshore corporations, business licenses, private interest foundations, escrow services and private interest foundations. Located at Torre de las Americas, Office 8-B, T...
Durling & Durling
Established law firm whose practice areas include corporate and business, foundations and trusts, government contracts with particular emphasis in international government bids, maritime law, international business and trademark and intellectual property.
Carrillo Brux y Asociados
Bilingual general practice lawyers with over 30 years of experience also offering professional document translation services and representing businesses, governments, banks and individuals. Will take cases outside of Panama City. At Calle 39 Justo Aroseme...
Aleman, Cordero, Galindo & Lee
Law firm serving domestic and overseas clients. Practice areas include business, banking, admiralty/maritime and environmental law, telecommunications, contracts, energy, international trade, antitrust, immigration and real estate. Several other offices a...
Fabrega, Molino, & Mulino
Full-service law firm covering a wide range of legal expertise including arbitration, estate planning, immigration, tax and wealth management. See website for full list of all service areas. At BMW Plaza, 9th Floor, 50 St.  P.O. Box: 0816-00744, Pana...
Carles-Barraza Law Firm
Law firm with over 20 years of experience in corporate, immigration, administrative, maritime, tax, intellectual property, litigation and tax law as well as investment consultancy. Lawyers with proven expertise and international jurisdiction.
Mauad & Mauad
Law firm whose practice areas include corporate, finance, trusts, investments, asset planning, banking, contract, international trade, tourism, family, financial crimes, immigration, litigation, maritime, energy, and telecommunications. Offices in Panama....
Brico Corporate Services
Law practice which offers services in the formation and management of Panamanian corporations, private interest foundations, financial services, banking, foreign investment and business development advice as well as general legal services including insura...
Molina & Co.
Lawyers take general practice cases including marriage/divorce, insurance, marketing, commercial law, contracts, estates, taxes, immigration, trademark/patent, real estate/title/property issues, aeronautical/maritime. At Calle 50, Global Bank Tower, Floor...
Margarita Chow Legal Offices
International business and corporate attorneys specialising in labour law, corporate law, IP law, contract law, tax and incentives, due diligence, collection, immigration, property law and management. At P.O. Box 01569, Zip 0832 Panama.
Mendoza, Arias, Valle & Castillo
International law firm with expertise in corporate, maritime, business and employment law. At Edificio PH 909, piso 10, Calle 50 y 74 San Francisco, Panamá.
Vallarino Vallarino & Garcia-Maritano
General law firm whose areas of expertise include property, insurance, financial, marketing agreement, immigration, foreign claims and tax cases. Each case is assigned a partner to be contacted personally by the client. At 24th Floor, Plaza Banco Gen...
Fuentes, Rey & Asociados
Independent law firm whose practice areas include corporate law, real estate, foundations, bank accounts, investment, immigration, industrial property, labour law, consumer protection, intellectual property, health records and dispute resolution. 
International Trade Advisory Services
Financial consultants, attorneys at law and trade advisors offering varied assistance and support to foreign investors and companies, particularly foreign trade consulting and legal services. Legal focus in government procurement, corporate, tax, and comm...
Adja Attorneys
Law firm specialising in corporations and banking, immigration, boat and yacht registration and Panama trademarks registration. At Oficina 1502, Ricardo. J. Alfaro Century Tower Building Piso 15, Panama Ave, Panama City.
Lau & Lau
Independent law firm whose practice areas include corporate, real estate, tourism, intellectual property, assets protection, investment, immigration, maritime, banking, and international commercial law. At Avenue Balboa and Via Italia Plaza Paitilla....
Panama Relocation Attorneys
Experts in immigration and real estate law, estate planning and banking services. Can also help with corporations and foundations. Will assist in property acquisition, escrow, title insurance, maritime law, intellectual property, and commercial law
Rivera, Bolivar, and Castanedas
Full-service attorneys whose areas of practice include tax, contract, corporate, employment, immigration, intellectual property, government procurement and telecom law. Also offer a variety of investment opportunities. At Calle Aquilino de la Guardia...
Alfaro, Ferrer & Ramirez
Law firm whose areas of practice include immigration law, banking law, litigation, tourism, privatization, intellectual property, maritime law, labor law and telecommunications. At Edificio AFRA, Ave. Samuel Lewis y CL. 54 Apartado 0816-06904, Panama...
Legal Invest Solutions
Gisela Juliao is a general practice attorney who takes property, insurance, banking/financial, patents/trademarks/copyrights, commercial law, contracts, corporations, aeronautical/maritime and taxes cases. At The Century Tower, Floor 4, Office 401-66, Pan...