Lawyers, Law Firms & Legal Advice

Alfaro, Ferrer & Ramirez
Areas of practice include immigration law, banking law, litigation, tourism, privatization and more.
Icaza González-Ruiz Alemán
General law practice offers legal assistance in multiple areas of law.
Cambra La Duke & Co.
Areas of practice include corporate, tax and immigration law, intellectual property, real estate and more.
Durling & Durling
Practice areas include corporate and business, foundations, trusts and government contracts among others.
Pardini & Associates
International multi-faceted law firm which specializes in foreign investments and corporate law.
Rainelda Mata-Kelly
Specializes in corporations, commercial and shipping law, taxes, contracts, real estate and more.
Mauad & Mauad
Law firm offers expertise in corporate, finance, trusts, investments, asset planning, banking and more.
Anzola Robles & Associates
Commercial law with an emphasis in corporate, tax, regulatory and real estate practice.
Kosmas & Kosmas
Legal services to expatriates in real estate, asset protection and general legal advice among others.
Vallarino, Vallarino, & García - Maritano
Panama City based law firm offers expertise in a wide range of legal sectors.
De la Guardia, Neuman, Faraudo and Bermudez
Experts in immigration and real estate law, estate planning and banking services.
Morgan & Morgan
Law firm covering all areas of the law with specialist areas.
Fabrega Molino
Full-service law firm covering a wide range of legal expertise.
Mata & Pitti
Attorneys at law specializing in maritime and admiralty law, yacht registration and offshore company formation.
Panama Legal Center
Specialising in immigration services, asset protection, commercial business, offshore banking, labor law and litigation. 
Solis & Elias
Expertise in corporate, mercantile, environmental, real estate, labor, intellectual property and various other legal services.
Adja Attorneys
Law firm specializing in corporations and banking, immigration, boat and yacht registration and Panama trademarks registration.
Aleman, Cordero, Galindo & Lee
Law firm serving domestic and overseas clients.
Lombardi Aguilar Group
Law firm specializing in business, corporate, tax, estate and e-commerce law along with various other legal sectors.
Carles Law Firm
Law firm with experience in corporate, immigration, administrative, maritime and intellectual property among others.
Galindo, Arias & Lopez
A full service law firm providing legal solutions for local and international clients with business interests in Panama.
Rivera, Bolivar, and Castanedas
Full-service attorneys whose areas of practice include tax, contract and intellectual property among others.
Arosemena, Noriega & Contreras
Law firm offering assistance in general practice cases.
Officium Lex
Independent law firm offers expertise in a wide range of legal services.
Panama Offshore Legal Services
Law firm specializes in various offshore legal services.
Miranda & Contreras
Legal services include immigration, labor law, family law, corporation and foundations among others.
Luis Ambulo
Business-oriented law firm with expertise in corporate law, financial and tax law among others.
Carrillo Brux y Asociados
Bilingual general practice firm offers document translation services and representing businesses, governments and more.
International Trade Advisory Services
Financial consultants, attorneys at law and trade advisors offering varied  legal assistance and support.
Troncoso & Asociados
Corporate, banking, commercial, civil, litigation, administrative, immigration and various other legal services offered.
Arias, Fabrega & Fabrega
International law practice covering over 30 areas of law.
Margarita Chow Legal Offices
International business and corporate attorneys specializes in various legal sectors.
Mendoza, Arias, Valle & Castillo
International law firm with expertise in corporate, maritime, business and employment law.
Legal Invest Solutions
A general practice attorney specializes in insurance, banking, commercial law, contracts and more.
Berroa, Diaz & Guerrero
Practice areas include labor, maritime, civil and mercantile, consumer protection and criminal among others.
Bufete Candanedo
Independent law firm includes corporate law and counseling, foreign investment, tax and more.
Molina & Co.
Lawyers take general practice cases including marriage and divorce, insurance, marketing, commercial law and more.
Brico Corporate Services
Law practice offers services in the formation and management of Panamanian corporations, private interest foundations and more.