88.1 FM Panama Party Station
Radio station caters to English listeners with a majority of English speaking songs and classic American and British rock bands.
Panama 9°80°
News subscription service free within Panama. Digital and physical versions available. Information on events, activities, restaurants, shopping, local services, nature and wildlife, reviews, living in Panama and real estate.
92.1 Power FM Radio Station
Radio station with English programs and music targeted to English speaking audiences. Program can be found at 92.1FM.
Boquete Weather
Monitor the weather and climate of Boquete in Chiriqui. Also information on what factors cause the weather patterns.
Eye on Panama
Panama site that features local news, classifieds and events.
Panama Broadcasting Corporation
Daily show in English from 7 am to 10 am on 89.3 FM. On air and fully digital production studio for rental.
98.9 FM Ultra Stereo
Panama City radio station caters to English speaking listeners with English language songs, commercials and programs. Twice daily show with Bob Stiff of Access Hollywood; celebrity gossip, Hollywood news and jokes from 8:00-9:00 and 17:00-18:00.
The Visitor :: El Visitante
Published weekly in both Spanish and English. Free publication is also available online as well as back issues. Events, news, classifieds, and recreational ideas.
The Panama Broadcasting Corporation
Founded in 2006 this English speaking broadcasting system operates at 89.3FM. There is a breakfast show in the mornings with Gerry "D".
Newsroom Panama
News site on Panama related stories and events.
Weather Underground
Extensive daily weather details for Panama city. Panama specific information can be found at:
Panama Guide
Thousands of articles in English about the Republic of Panama visited by over 7,000 people daily. Article topics include current events, Panama news, general information, and information specific to living in or visiting Panama.
Focus Panama Magazine
Read highlights from this magazine online. A pocket-size travel guide published twice yearly with visitor and tourism information, places to visit, activities, things to do, things to see and general information on Panama.
The Chiriqui Times
The newspaper of Chiriqui (Including David, Volcan and Boquete) available physically and online offers news and maps serving Panamanians, expats and tourists.
The Bocas Breeze
Newsletter on and about Bocas del Toro and its islands. Back issues are available online, current issues available physically or online.
Playa Community
Website offers information on living in Coronado, Panama. Also provides news, events, advice and recommendations for the area of Coronado.
Cines Panama
All movie listings in Panama and which theaters they can be found in at what time; usually updated with new films every Friday. Site is in Spanish, but all movies have titles in English and most are screened in English, childrens movies usually dubbed.
Caribbean Compass
Free monthly publication providing news and insight into the marine life of the Caribbean Sea. A news publication by sailors, for sailors.
Tide Tables
Gives real time information on tidal flows in Panama and graphical representation of Pacific tides.
Caribbean Weather Center
Specific weather information for the Caribbean Sea. Can also provide custom weather and routing information on your specific location or small vessels that can be sent to your Single Side Band Radio, email, fax or phone.