Postal Services

FedEx Express
International shipments and courier services. Reliably timed deliveries to and from Panama.
International and local mail carrier and courier. Ship and receive mail within Panama and overseas.
United Parcel Services (UPS)
International shipping and tracking solutions, corporate and residential pickups and deliveries. 2 locations: Panama City and Colon.
Flor de Leon
Customs agency broker. can assist in handling customs when shipping goods into Panama.
Mail forwarding and package delivery to Panama via a P.O Box in Miami. Shop online and pick up packages at one of 3 Panama City locations.
Air Facility
Door to door cargo services, cargo consolidation to and from Miami and Latin America, international courier services, direct order forwarding from U.S., general mail forwarding. Three locations in Panama City.
Airbox Express
Economy cargo shipments, internet shopping, international courier, magazine subscriptions. Shipments can be picked up or delivered to your door.
Mail Boxes Etc.
Mail forwarding and package delivery to Panama. Receive magazine subscriptions, international mail and online purchases and send mail overseas. Locations all over the city and country. You have to go to the center to pick up mail.
Miami Express
Air and ocean freight to and from Panama. Courier services as well as mail forwarding from Miami, magazine subscriptions, internet purchases, ship in parts/autos/boats, local messenger services. Shipments delivered to your door.
Deliveries and shipments internationally to and from Panama. Freight, warehousing, distribution, customs, security, insurance, import, export, domestic deliveries.