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Whilst one has to be a bit cautious quoting newspaper or TVN reports, I was informed last year via this link. http://www.change.org/petitions/investigate-the-alleged-sexual-abuse-of-children-in-panama-by-a-joint-us-uk-citizen   that this person had been arrested, since which it all seems to have gone a bit quiet, can anyone shed any light on what has happened to this Tuffney character, has he managed to slip away, or has he been locked up since last May. Many thanks if anyone has any info or can find out.

started by: yseffer@gmail.com · last update: 1472867382 · posted: 1472064422

I'm about 1 month from making my final move to Panama.  I wanted to get some insight on a couple of things:1) Up to 3 things you wish you would have prepared better for before making Panama your home.2) Up to 3 things you wish you would have brought with you before making Panama your home.I'm interested in both female and male responses since I think there would be interesting and insightful perspectives.Thanks in advance to all who take the time to respond.  I appreciate the input.See you soon!Yvonne from Chicago

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How much from Tocumen to Campo Alegre by taxi?

started by: patty-549001 · last update: 1450685752 · posted: 1450685752

For anyone! Wives, partners, mothers,husbands et al please read info on the WASPI site on Facebook.Someone in your circle may need this information. Please sign to support women born 1950s and unfairly treated in pension age change https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/110776

started by: Smokey-941275 · last update: 1428681940 · posted: 1428333502

Do Amazon deliver internationally to Panama?

started by: Fransia · last update: 1427975256 · posted: 1427975256

Having dropped some pounds in the last year I would like to have some of my clothes alteres to fit. Is there a company / person that does that? Preferably English speaking.

started by: Fransia · last update: 1425486520 · posted: 1425316484

*Sigh* So they can do it but the little guy can't. Well that figures........... http://thepanamanews.com/wp/?p=8989  

started by: Smokey-941275 · last update: 1425316323 · posted: 1425055752

What are the English language radio stations here? And newspapers too?

started by: Smokey-941275 · last update: 1424968132 · posted: 1424276838

What's generally considered to be the best beach on the Caribbean side of the coutnry please? I'm talking for space, and swimming, not necessarily for water sports of any kind.

started by: Smokey-941275 · last update: 1424879955 · posted: 1424104484

Anyone using a VPN here? Any recommendations (and good value?). Thanks.

started by: De-spare Claire · last update: 1424368002 · posted: 1423758657

Can anyone recommend a wedding venue ideally by the sea with specatacular views and great places for photos. Would look to have a service (blessing) there too.

started by: De-spare Claire · last update: 1423843569 · posted: 1423758902

Are there Engliosh speaking wedding organisers here In Panama? I'm looking to have someone arrange a blessing for myself and my fianceé.

started by: Dr Venkman · last update: 1423499354 · posted: 1389631201

Anyone know where I can buy myself an Xbox One for a reasonable price?

started by: De-spare Claire · last update: 1421859117 · posted: 1416326408

Are there many (or any) shark attacks in Panamanian waters? There must be lots of Tigers and Great Whites out there?

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Do these little creatures take your finger off? Are they in the rivers here?

started by: Smokey-941275 · last update: 1417020929 · posted: 1415208009

Are there special mercados de navidad here over the Christmas period and where is the biggest and best?

started by: Fransia · last update: 1415986681 · posted: 1415293955

Anyone know if the Sheraton has free wifi access throughout the hotel?

started by: De-spare Claire · last update: 1415121120 · posted: 1415121120

Anyone know of any Spanish exchange classes. Sort of a my English for your Spanish type setup.

started by: