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Hello We are planning our move to Panama next month but we heard recently a lot about the Zika virus (caused by a certain mosquito bite) that would be dangerous for women wanting to be pregnant and pregnant women as it could cause brain damage to the child. The general travel advice is to postpone trips to Panama (and the whole Caribbean region) if you are in one of these 2 categories (which I am). I wonder if this a more a pre-cautious measurement that the governments are taking or if the danger is imminent. I'm well aware that protecting you with clothes and naturel mosquito creams are a must. For those living in the Panama City area, have you heard about it? What's happening there? Anybody who has recommendations of a doctor/gyneco I could contact in Panama City?  Thank you!

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I still live in USA at the moment but am considering having some dental work done in panama.  Any recommendations or experiences you would like to share would certainly help me to make a more informed decision.  Thank you

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Does anyone know where to buy a treadmill, preferably somewhere that delivers?  

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Do we have to get private health care if I move to Panama from Europe (Spain)?

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Is there a female English-speaking gynaecologist in Panama City that anyone knows of? Would be grateful for a bit of help.

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Are there English speaking relationship councillorsin Panama City?

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Looking for a doctor who can write prescriptions accepted in the USA, having a current license. 

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How do you donate your organs after death in Panama? Is there a card to carry?

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Can someone please recommend a good clinic in panama for Botox treatments.  I've never done it before but its getting time to.  Something not too expensive but is still up to us standard cleanliness. 

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Hey guys just wondering if anyone has any insights for running in the city? I love to run, but I have tried in the city and it never works out too well :( There are so many holes in the streets (if there even is a sidewalk!) and down wires and glass and when it rains tiles get slippery. I have fallen or tripped twice! I am starting to think I have to stop running here which would make me so sad! Please tell me if there is a good place to run in this city!!!!

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Where is a good place to buy dumb bell free weights in panama? Specifically I need 20 lbs, 30 lbs, and 40 lbs.  I tried a few places in multiplaza but I didnt have any luck and I would prefer not to be on a wild goose chase looking for these..

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can anyone recommend a good yoga class? it'd be easier if it was english, but i guess it shouldn't be too hard in spanish...

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I am used to paying around $30 in the states for a brand new mega gym with great equipment.  The gyms I have looked at here have been so expensive for what they offer!  Can anyone recommend a good gym in Panama that is affordable?  I really dont want to pay more than $50 a month... 

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Is there a time when they shut down the cinta costera? I want to start running/biking at night, not sure if you're able or if it's safe. Advice?

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Any news on the water situation? I saw that supposedly the plant has been back up and running for a while now, but I still don't have water. Anyone know if you can boil and drink pool water?

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Can anyone recommend a good women's hairdresser in the San Fransisco area? Nothing fancy needed - just reliable.

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and swine flu's back... awesome. http://www.panama-guide.com/article.php/20120723162800885

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Hey did anyone see this:http://www.panama-guide.com/article.php/20120714184142678Super mosquitoes in Panama?Yeah mosquito born diseases suck, but this feels too much like the beginning of some superhero/zombie apocalypse movie. I hope they did enough research into what happens when these things start interbreeding or whatever. First giant mosquito I see, I'm outta here.

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