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Is anyone here a cat owner? What food do you give them? Do you feed tbem both wet and dry, and what brand do you use?

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Does anyone know of a reputable breeder of Persian kittens?

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How do we bring a cat from the US to Panama?

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Are the vets here well-trained for surgery and complicated things like that?

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Are there any rescue dog shelters in Panama, or charites to that effect?

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I am thinking of getting a dog here, how do people usually find puppies? Stores? Breeders? Adoption? Are there rescue organizations? I would much prefer to adopt than buy, but is it safe to adopt strays here?

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Dear everybody, I write to you to see if you could help us in some way, aware that the foreigners are much big animal lovers and most dog adopters in Panama. The issue is that about two and half months ago my boyfriend and I rescued a dog in Casco Viejo from a "crack head" that was hitting and insulting her when she was about one month old. We did not expect to have a pet, just because we return to Spain and we can not take her with us. The procedures necessary to take the dog involves a hold of more than five months (we have to vaccinate her of rabbies again, wait a month, make a serological test, wait about 20 days for the results, and then wait three months before she can travel to Spain), and all this with some very high costs that unfortunately we are unable to assume at this time. We returned to Spain in two weeks, on June 15, time is running out and this baby has not found yet a family to adopt her and give her all the love and care she deserves. She is so sweet, very well behaved, obedient, smart, sociable, happy and playful, and gorgeous (I would like to attached a photo of her, but I don't know how). She is vaccinated, wormed (desparasitada) and sterilized. Our contact is: 6286-1730 / claudia.alvarad@gmail.com  Let's see if we can all get to this dog the best home, and a dad/mom who loves her lots and lots and lots! Thank you very, very much in advance and I look forward to hear from you, Best regards,

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PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY DOG- $1,000 US reward being offered!!!! Ginger, a 7 yr old female Golden Retriever who is a service dog, was supposed to be moved from Panama to Bahamas via cargo on Thursday Nov 28 2013 in Copa Airlines (Tocumen Airport of Panama) with our two other dogs, Honey and Cody. The dogs missed their flight, and we were told they were all fine and would be on the next flight… the next day we were admitted to that the reason the dogs never made it is because our dog, Ginger, "escaped" and so they did not put any of our dogs on the flight. She is a highly trained dog, always has been a house dog, and one of the dogs traveling with her, is her twin sister and littermate Honey, who has been with her inseparably from birth- who she would NEVER run away from, as they are super attached. The cages were not allowed to ever be opened where we had left them as everything was cleared and the dogs were okayed to go. The traveling containers were locked and had strong ties on them,that a dog could never un-do on their own. This is now 4 days, and there is no sign of the dog anywhere. They haven't even checked the security cameras because they proclaim their workers would not do that, and that there were no cameras where they were supposed to be kept (which is very bad as it is because there could be lots of theft of people's personal items going on!!!!)…  We have been told so many things that do not add up and we believe she was stolen by a worker in cargo! Today, Sunday Dec 1, finally the head of all of this said they will "examine" the idea of her being stolen. I am out of Panama and cannot see what is really happening, but we have been told posters have been put out with her picture, and that the local humane society is on the lookout for her. Please spread this message around, my family and I, especially the special needs boy she services, are absolutely heart broken and in despair without her. Please spread this message around to everyone!!! Remember, there is a US $1,000 reward for her return! If you have any information please contact Copa Airlines, or my personal email at law consultancy@aol.com. Thank you so much and have a good day! 

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What's the vaccination process for cats here?Thanks in advance to any one who can help

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