Affordable Counseling Services for Expats in France

From 20-40 euros
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HEALing Therapies is about Healing, Engaging, Accepting & Listening.

In a post quarantine world, millions of people are suffering the psychological repercussions of COVID-19. This website was created as a response to that, offering a variety of counseling services at an affordable price.

Expats in France may be particularly affected by this unprecedented crisis, being far away from family members and loved ones during a pandemic while still adjusting to a new country, culture and language.

From walk & talk sessions to all different types of virtual sessions, there is something for everyone.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns at:

A little bit about me:

A recent MSc graduate in Counseling & Psychotherapy from the University of Edinburgh, I have trained in both psychodynamic and person-centered theories. I also hold a Post-Graduate Certificate in Eating Disorders & Clinical Nutrition (University College London) & a B.A. in Psychology. I am continuously developing my skills through continuing education courses in areas such as trauma and crisis interventions.

My approach is pro-active & holistic. I believe in addressing problems with compassion, understand and awareness in order to help achieve relief & resolution.

I'm here to help.