Be a mystery Shopper for tours of Paris

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We are a small tour company looking for English-speaking (doesn't have to be flawless English) individuals to go on our tours and fill out a questionnaire afterward to give us an outside view of how our guides are doing. You and your friends and family can go on food walks/tastings, bike tours, boat tours, and even Eiffel Tower and monuments tours for free. This is great if you have visiting family from the outside world but Parisian opinions are also desired! 

When: anytime in the next few weeks. 

How: you would book the tour, go on it, fill out a questionnaire, and then we reimburse you the cost of the tour. 

Who: We seek a diverse range of perspectives: all (adult) ages, cultural/ethnic backgrounds/nationalities, types of travelers (families, couples, solo, retirees, etc) or just Paris-based individuals who would like to give their thorough and unforgiving perspective after enjoying a lovely tour or tasting. 

Our shop is located in le Marais neighborhood if you needed to discuss in person. The ideal situation is that you have a flexible schedule and/or some friends/family visiting so you can involve multiple opinions. We will give you the times/dates/events to choose from (they will be as soon as possible, and, preferably for us, no later than the next few weeks) 

Please message us at

We look forward to meeting you! 

Kind regards,