IT Project Manager, Product Manager

Posted by: Artur-Kasprzyk · 1636917570

I am planning to move to Paris and looking for job.

Experienced product manager, people and project manager, consultant and analyst connecting strong technical background and soft skills. 
Worked in IT service delivery, software house, telecommunications, billing systems, pre-sales, smart home and office, IoT solutions. Focused on creating great products and processes in Agile methodology. Constantly looking for processes and UX improvements using Lean and Six Sigma methodology.  Easily adopting to new roles and responsibilities, e.q. product design, IT operations, product management, team management, reporting and big data processing, company finances, marketing, HR, soft-skills, programming, mentoring and coaching, design and graphical arts. Digitally savvy, open minded, continuous learner. Modern technology and design passionate.  Former programmer and IT engineer. Experienced in remote and direct collaboration with customers and engineers, collecting requirements, analysis, design and development of solutions, preparing and performing presentations, Google workspace and collaboration suite. Remote and hybrid workplace expert.
Focused on time management and turning repetitive activities into processes. Both corporate and startup culture experienced and oriented. Experienced in remote and distributed team work in matrix environments.

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