American musicians wanted - rock'n roll music 1950's

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 Hello ! 

My name is Alison and i am the assistant of the director (C'est pour de rire Productions) of a musical show about rock music from the 1950's.
Here are few words about the show: It takes place during the 50’s, at the beginning of the show, in France and then later, in the United States. A young girl (14 years old) lives in France with a violent father. Then she goes to live with her mother in the US. She finds there a type of music she never heard before: rock’n roll. It comes like a revelation for her. Rather shy and uncomfortable in her own skin, she blossoms through this particular type of music. She meets a group of American singers and musicians who become family for her.
The characters we are looking for:- an American, 20 to 35 years old who plays drums : should know how to play the rockabilly style. - an American, 30 to 40 years old who is a singer and a pianist and/or guitarist.
The showcase will be happening on the 27th of April 2017 at Bobino Theater and the show itself would begin on October 2018, will last 3 months and then go on tour.
If you are interested in the project or you know people that would be, don't hesitate to contact me back at ccasting(at) so that we can arrange a meeting. Please send us some videos and recording of you playing as we need to hear how you sound!
Thanks so much! Have a great day.
Alison (for Guy Grimberg)