Boxing & Kickboxing Personal Trainer


Boxing is a great way to workout and have fun along the way. You will learn new skills, get stronger, improve your health and relieve stress no matter your age or fitness level. I will be by your side for every workout and keep you focused on becoming your best self. So whatever you're fighting for, you’ve got a coach in your corner and on your side!

About ME

Hii I’m John, an ex-athlete in kickboxing and a personal trainer motivated and ready to share my passion if you’re looking for taking boxing or kickboxing lessons in your home or outdoor.

I am equipped with a bachelor and a master’s degree in sports science, as well as years of experience in personal training.
All of the above makes me prepared to guide you throughout the workouts that will be adapted and personalized for your level and goals.

What to Expect

 Each session is 55 minutes long; and we always start with a warm-up
 Then jump to the specific work (that depends on your goals and feedback)
 And finish strong with the last part of the workout that will make you look forward to the next one.

My priority is to help you in a fun and effective way to reach your goals.
That’s why I will put all my energy and knowledge to make that happen.