Cani Class


Help for all breeds from choosing a puppy to adulthood, covering training or problems in your home, in Paris area. Exclusive use of gentle training methods, including clicker-training. Personal or group classes, group walks and agility lessons.

Irene uses her great experience and love of dogs to help you and your canine companion.

Irene is fully trained and has attended many courses and seminars on training and dog behaviour, she continues her learning with ethologs, coaches, trainers and dog behavior specialists, reknowned in France or worldwide, for their skills.

Lessons in English are available for all dogs from 7 weeks to an advanced age with exclusive use of gentle training methods to offer a kind, modern and reliable outcome and improve your relationship with your dog.

Individual lessons in your own surroundings or group classes available for socialisation.

Together we can address any behavior problem, in your home, throughout the Ile de France.

Twice per month, CANI CLASS organizes a group walk in the bois de Vincennes with dogs and their owners.

See the web site for further details or for any questions and please feel free to contact Irene direct.