Concierge Services in Paris


Savoir Faire Paris was founded in 2010 as a service to help expats get settled in Paris.
Having discovered that the challenges of the administrative procedures in France were a prevalent issue within the expatriate community, the team at Savoir Faire Paris was developed to help expatriates like ourselves.

Since 2010, we have extended our services to include itinerary planning, event management, apartment management, and daily concierge services.

  • We are well connected in the expat community and a source of knowledge for visitors
  • We pride ourselves on our tailored knowledge of the best restaurants, as well as the “lowdown” on the best handymen, electricians, and realtors.
  • We enjoy sharing some of our knowledge through our blog, Paris, Up Close and Personal. Our blog was named one of the best blogs by Paris Expats and features events going on in Paris, restaurant reviews, neighborhood guides, and features on other expats in Paris.

What is perhaps most important to us is our one on one approach with clients. With today’s market being, at times, somewhat impersonal, we take the time to note our clientele’s preferences and forge real relationships with them.

It’s relationships like these that create a supportive expatriate community and give us a sense of home away from our motherland.

We look forward to helping you soon, please give us a call or send a mail for more information.