Dog Training help or Puppy problems ?


With over 12 years of experience we help you train your dog to be obedient, calm and friendly, as any family or urban dog should be. We will always be available to help you in the future to board or walk your dog, making us involved and our dog training programme really efficient

We have a range of options depending on the age of your dog and you and their needs and can always find a solution to help you, over 2500 dogs have passed through our care.

Getting to know you and your dog

  • First we always suggest a home visit to consider where live with your dog and how you behave with him: walking on a leash, jumping, barking, going to his place, chewing, toilet training etc....
  • We will help you to teach your dog to remain quiet inside and to keep himself busy in order to prevent barking and separation anxiety
  • 110€ fee for 1h, 130€ for 1h30, 150€ for 2h 2.

Basic Commands

  • Once the basics are mastered we offer dedicated training lessons with you in the forest at : Bois de Boulogne (generally taking place saturday and sunday morning) to learn basic obedience, sit, recall and socializing with other dogs. Your dog will be with other dogs, and therefore imitate their actions
  • 70€ fee ( the 1st one), then 60€ the following ones (if needed)

City Walking

  • We will help you on your walks on leash in the city, your dog will learn to trust and to listen to you. We can help you give him the correct exercise, teach him not to pull how to walking straight andto go to the bathroom when he/she has to.
  • 25€ when we train him (45min)
  • 16€ (30min) for just walking him when he is older tif you need help, when you are away or working.

Country Walking

  • We can also organize dog walks to the forest to really socialize him/her with the other dogs and we can let him/her play and spend his full energy
  • Under 5 months old 30€ for a 2 hour forest walk, including pickup/dropoff in your area
  • 19€ for 1 hour, when he is still young, but depending where you live.

Weekends away

  • We can also arrange a special training weekend directly with us : he will learn how to behave inside and how to play and socialize with all the friendly dogs we are boarding. We will also teach him not to bark and how to be clean.
  • Excitement and exhaustion guaranted by the end of the weekend!
  • 65 € for a dog under 15kg, 80€ over.

Generally, our clients take 1 or 2 education classes, then 5 to 10 street walks sessions during 3 to 5 weeks at the beginning, then they replace some local walks by 2h forest walk and finally they do 1 or 2 training weekend. We know everyones nneeds are different and are happy to tailor make a solution for you.

Do not hesitate to give us a call to schedule a training session or a visit .

We are organizing a holiday camp fromthe 25th of december to the 5th of january : 33€ a day (37€ if he really needs to be trained during the boarding). and we always have our dog sitters famillies to board your dog at their home allyear : 33€ a day