Doggie Holidays - Plan Now

Operating in Paris since 2005, we are a team of licensed, dedicated, experienced professionals who translate their passion for animals to the care of your pets. With over 700 clients using our services on a daily or occasional basis, their satisfaction and the happiness of their pets is our aim and result. 

In addition to our walking and sitting services, we also offer tailor made assistance for your pets (cats and dogs) moving overseas and customised training lessons to help your dogs adjust to living to a city and apartment environment.

We offer you a complete package all year round.

  • Family home boarding in town for dogs or in the countryside to enjoy the fields and the rivers
  • Street walks to have a break midday or just to go to bathroom morning and evening
  • Forest walks 
  • Dog training to welcome a puppy home or just to socialize dogs 
  • A complete pet relocation service
  • Pet taxi to the airport or the veterinarian
  • Dog home grooming
  • Pet food delivery for our regular clients
  • Home cat visits 7 days a week by professional cat sitters.

We can help you on an occasional or a regular basis

The whole year to keep your dog fit and your cat in a good mood; 

Occasionally, when your schedule  is overbooked; 

If you want a romantic weekend just the two of you; 

The whole night, when you go partying until late morning; 

In case of an accident forcing you to stay in,

Or just to offer your dog holidays for his or her birthday.

Affection, education and socialization of dogs are the key words of our services.

For more information or booking call Gaby 7 days a week 

Telephone:  06 73 71 05 36 or 01 43 34 50 80