English/ESL Tutor for a Parisian Family


Hello, I'm searching for a French family in Paris who would want an English/ESL tutor with accommodation. This would be for 3-4 months to start in June '21. ( I do speak Intermediate French; I take weekly lessons.) I'm very curious, love to learn, am upbeat, easy going and I tell jokes : ) My attitudes are contagious. I have 7 years ESL/English teaching/tutoring experience, 130 hr TESOL, English Teaching Certification, Tutoring Certification focus for ESL. I have supported non-English speaking Business Executives via online. Happily, my college students rate me 3.8 out of 4.0 scale. Very nice ! I also earned an MBA in Finance/Quant Studies and worked on Wall St. developing Financial systems. Finally, in June 21, I will be Certified in Data Science. Thanks for your consideration ! Donna Cattanach