Learning French with Lalangue Paris

Learn French in mini groups in a friendly environment with 2 or 3 other persons at your level.

The French school Lalangue Paris was founded on a simple idea: learning a new language is different for each of us. 

This is why we offer very small group classes (4 people max), highly individualized teaching and personal attention.

Our French courses offer a unique format of 4 people max, allowing a genuinely individualized approach. Intensive exposure to grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary alternates with cultural and thematic activities.

Trained in French language teaching, Communications and Education, Lalangues teachers are dedicated to help you make French yours in the typically parisian “atmosphère” of our school.

We are located in the heart of Paris, at 110 rue Réaumur, 75002.

Please contact us for further information: we'll be happy to discuss the best approach for you!