The Garden Academy

The Garden Academy is an innovative immersive English academy for children. Two of our centers are based in the 15th district of Paris, with a new location opening September 2021 in Nice. We offer an immersive English environment where students can learn through a transdisciplinary curriculum. Our goal is to help children acquire English, literacy, and bilingualism at a young age.


We offer Preschool for ages 2-3, Kindergarten for ages 4-5, After School program and Vacation Camps for ages 3-10, private music lessons, and private online English for all ages. Our team aims to provide high-quality education and support each child's journey.


Through these programs, children between the ages of 2 to 12 discover a vast array of engaging activities, such as music, art, language, yoga. Our workshops are led by native English Educators who specialize in language learning, child development, and positive educational methodologies. 


We have also launched our online children's bookstore (! Our large book selection for children aged 0-14 contains titles used by The Garden Academy's educational team!

Here at The Garden Academy, we enjoy helping children gain a love of learning through reading, fun activities, and interactive workshops. Through all of our workshops, we lay the foundation for creative thinking and bilingualism! 


How to contact us:

Paris :

Nice :

01 48 87 85 88