Alfa Marais

Alfa Marais is a French school founded by former expats with French teaching diplomas. They have lived in North and South America, Eastern Europe, Africa and South East Asia. 

This is the only Parisian Language School with an immersion style program. This start-up is based on a new concept for learning French through workshops and real-life situations.

Our staff have created a place that they would have loved to have had during their expatriation – somewhere to learn languages and to meet people. They know exactly what you are going through!

The classes, together with the workshops, give students the opportunity to get more confident very quickly in their daily life. You will learn to speak French in real situations (the markets, bakeries, museums, walks in Paris and many other magical locations...) 

Our teachers are passionate about their work and are willing to share tips, secrets and the culture of Paris and Parisians. They will share their sense of humour and auto-derision. After your experience with Alfa you might find that French frogs are not so arrogant after all  ;)

Alfa Marais has just opened in an amazing place in the Marais, come and meet us soon!