ALLMUNDO provides linguistic services in French, Italian and English. Certified Translations of all your official documents. Verbal Interpretation at the notaire’s office – for a house sale or purchase, succession, etc. Verbal Interpretation by phone.

Translations from English to French or Italian.

General Translations:

For tourism and leisure; magazines; brochures; websites; restaurant menus; recipes 

Technical and Business Translations 

Face to Face assistance:

For instance, home visits, help obtaining estimates and other information. 

Phone calls, text messages and e-mails.

Please contact us for further details.

Courses in French, Italian and English

Quadrilingual teacher with over 30 years teaching experience provides tailored courses to fit any level, need and age. Courses can be held via skype, phone or on a one to one basis 

Luciana La Marca (ALLMUNDO) is a Sworn Translator and Interpreter registered with the Court of Appeal of Caen, Member of the SFT (Société Française des Traducteurs – National Syndicate of Professional Translators in France) and the Director of Allmundo.