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Professional pet shipping and relocation specialists. We can transport your pets between London and Paris and throughout the UK, France and Europe in customised vehicles. We can also arrange flights worldwide for your pets to and from London airports.

Animalcouriers are proffesional pet shippers and relocation specialists. In business for over a decade, we can transport your pets by road between London and Paris, and throughout the UK, France and the rest of Europe. We can also arrange for them to fly between London and the rest of the world.

We can help you with paperwork and do as much or as little of the organisation as you want, to fit with your travel plans, your budget and your pets needs.

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By road

Pets who travel with us by road enjoy a safe journey with trained and experienced drivers and animal handlers. Our vehicles are fully customised with secure, comfortable, adjustable travel compartments and air conditioning; and are authorised by the UK government department Defra.

Our journeys incorporate time to clean, feed and exercise your pets. On longer journeys we stop overnight at secure locations to ensure both pets and drivers get plenty of rest.

Were authorised by the UK government as an animal transporter.

By air

Were an accredited IATA cargo agent and have partnership status with all airlines that provide pet air travel. We can book your pets on worldwide flights to and from London airports; provide you with appropriate travel boxes; and arrange clearance for pets arriving in the UK. We can additionally drive your pets between London airports and other UK, French and European locations.


To bridge any gaps in dates we can arrange boarding for your pets in the London, Paris and other areas.

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