Urban Shaman

Trauma Recovery and Well-Being for companies and individuals of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. Some days are for thriving - Some days are for surviving - I’ll help you do both.

By the age of two, Anna had flown out of the window of a car, moving at a speed of 120 km/hr on Santa Monica freeway and had been served her first drink at Dean's bar in Tangiers. Growing up without siblings or a father, and raised (and regularly abandoned by) a manic depressive mother, she developed many creative, but also dysfunctional ways of surviving. Although catastrophically depressed, she remained loving and outgoing and radically compassionate.

After 25 years of working as classically trained psychotherapist, she went on to become a yoga teacher and somatic practitioner and found that the combination of body work and talking was much more effective than talking alone. Further life developments took her to participate in Shamanic ceremonies in South America, where she was recognized and honoured by the elders as a wise woman and spiritual teacher.

Although still battling with demons and addictions of her own, she became a sought after healer in many countries around the world. Finally, after many traumatic losses Anna was brought to her knees in the land of rock bottom and began the road of recovery from maladaptive behaviours and learnt to connect with spirit and community.

It is her mission to help people around the world to recover from trauma and addiction and to lead beautiful, fulfilling lives.