Anne Hald-McLean

Short and long term therapy. Depression, anxiety, any type of trauma, incl. sexual abuse and incest. Attachment problems. Emotion regulation. EMDR certified. Eclectic approach, incl. mindfulness. An initial 20 min telephone assessment for free.

As a specialist in treating trauma, I use my training and experience to help people manage their daily life better.

My approach to therapy is collaborative and evidence-based. My orientation blends approaches that I have studied over more than three decades.

I am dedicated to new learning and am constantly keeping up on new teaching in the field of trauma.

Some examples of client cases I have worked with include: Sexual abuse trauma, including incest trauma; bullying, harassment, violent attacks (including terrorism, direct or indirect involvement); any type of trauma

Depression: inability to enjoy things, irritable mood, anger;

Loss: the loss of a loved one; any type of loss;

Panic attacks: You may fear you are having a heart attack, or you fear the next panic attack, the sense of loss of control over your body;

Social anxiety and low self esteem

I work mostly in a time-limited, goal-oriented, collaborative and structured way.

I may include a Cognitive Behavioral approach to therapy if I find this approach serves the client best.

EMDR: I use this extremely effective approach whenever possible. This is an evidence-based approach to treating a variety of conditions, but is best known for its effectiveness with any kind of trauma. In the case of a one-time, single trauma, such as an accident, EMDR normally resolves the trauma very quickly.

Complex Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: In the case of very severe consequences of childhood trauma, including attachment disorders, a Complex Post-traumatic Stress Disorder may have developed. In such a case my approach will be more long-term.

Languages: English, Danish and French (if person also understands English)

Academic degrees:

Clinical Psychology, Copenhagen University, Denmark

MSW (Clinical Social Work), Canada

Milan School for Family Therapy, Italy

EMDR Europe certification

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, level II

Location: Paris, 7th arr. Metro: Ecole Militaire

Memberships: ISST-D (International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation), USA

EMDR Europe (certified member)

I offer a 20 min. free initial consultation on the phone to help you decide whether you think we can work together. My sessions are one hour long and at times slightly longer.