Antoinette Steenkamp

Counselling Psychotherapy and Coaching for individuals. Antoinette offers a variety of individually tailored methods and approaches to create a safe environment of trust and compassion to explore and overcome conscious and unconscious self-defeating patterns.

Born in South Africa, having lived in London ( where I gained my Diploma in  Counselling, Psychology and Psychotherpy ) and now in Paris, I understand the difficulties of adapting to foreign cultures and languages. My life has contained a great deal of loss and grief and many challenges, which helps me to understand and empathise with my clients. 

My philosophy is that the most important is not always what happens to us but how we live with the experience and learn from the events in our lifes.

Counselling is about exploring, remembering and understanding in order to live your life more effectively. It is also about finding solutions using the innate tools and resources that you have.

Counselling helps you find and create new ways of being that can enhance your quality of life.

I have studied a number of different theories and therapeutic approaches which I select and adapt to the needs of each individual client and situation. In our sessions we will look at what is blocking, preventing or paralyzing you from obtaining what you seek in life.

My role is to support and guide you to find answers.  We are all different and may resopnd best to differing techniques. My approach is ecclectic and I will adapt according to your individual needs, for further information on the methods used please consult my web site.

Our aim will be to understand what makes you behave and think the way you do. We investigate your belief–systems and the patterns that block you and prevent you going forward in life and fulfilling your potential in both professional and personal areas.  

Counselling helps you be who you want to be. I offer a safe and compassionate place where you can unburden yourself and discuss any problem you are experiencing.  I provide a space and the opportunity for you to say whatever you want and feel and to be accepted for who you are without being judged.  

  • Counselling and Coaching
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • EMDR