Cabinet Iain Whyte

Offering you a Network of translators and interpreters covering a wide range of languages and topics including: technical; industrial; financial; legal; urban planning; property/real estate development; architecture; energy; and industrial relations.

With some 30 years of experience as a translator and conference interpreter, Iain Whyte founded his own firm in 2003. He now calls on a pool of freelance translators and interpreters covering all areas of expertise (technical, industrial, financial, legal, etc.) and all languages, including some of the rarest.

Our job is to help you connect with your customers and employees, all over the world, through an active dialogue aimed at meeting all the specific features of your translation and localization needs.

We therefore invite you to contact us directly: a representative of Cabinet Whyte will answer your call immediately or will contact you very quickly to give you personalized information on our services.

After having specified your needs, we put one of our specialized translators at your disposal. Our translator will then proceed to do the job in compliance with your specifications regarding style and meaning.

In particular, we make a point of complying with the required terminology. For this reason, all our translators have direct access to a central depository containing translation memories and a large number of specific glossaries.

We can also write or edit your documents in the language of your choice. After establishing your business priorities and capturing the required information and documentation, we write high quality text, copy, etc. that are keeping with the spirit of your communication.