Carina Winther Joergensen

Clinical psychologist providing therapy in English, French and Danish. In my clinic I welcome young adults, adults individually and couples. In therapy I take an integrative approach since I believe the best experience and outcome comes from an interaction between therapist and patient.

I am a Danish psychologist providing therapy in Danish, English and French. In my clinic I welcome young adults, adults individually and couples. People come to see me for different reasons: Some come due to a desire for personal development, some want help dealing with a concrete problem and others are facing big and perhaps sudden changes in their lives.

With life come emotions and it is inevitable that we will face adversity of different kinds and these might entail emotions of a different nature; anxiety, jealousy, loneliness, insecurity, grief, helplessness, sadness, disappointment, anger, shame etc. Sometimes it can be helpful to look for professional help to find ones way in these emotions.

I work with the following problems on a regular basis:

  • Functional disorders (Psychosomatic disorders)
  • Issues related to being highly sensitive
  • Problems related to a childhood with parents struggling with substance abuse
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Questions surrounding identity, self construction, and the challenges a new stage in life
  • Culture shock and troubles adjusting to a new culture
  • Relationship difficulties

Qualifications: Licenced Psychologist from Denmark. First Class MSc in Psychology (Cand.Psych) from the University of Copenhagen. Exchange to University of Westminster in London. A member of the Danish Organisation of Psychologists