Carole Gauthier, Ph.D.

Bilingual psychotherapist and licensed psychoanalyst working with couples committed to renewing dialogue and restoring emotional balance and trust at the different stages of their relationship.

When commitment is present, it can take very little to re-spark a once loving and passionate relationship or launch it in a new more fulfilling direction. I provide structure, communication tools and conflict resolution strategies to help couples understand each other’s needs and interact with empathy and respect.

Sometimes, for multiple reasons, couples feel confused about whether to stay together or not. Their goal is to re-assess the situation and gain clarity in order to make informed and less emotionally driven choices.

Or, one or both partners may have decided to take some distance or end the relationship without knowing how to proceed. Couple counseling can help address in a constructive manner the issues at stake in this type of situation, which often include children’s well-being and financial considerations.

More broadly, couples counseling is about reinitiating honest communication and restoring trust between partners.

I am Franco American and I conduct sessions in English and/or French. I have a special interest in dynamics and issues relevant to bi-cultural couples.

Starting a therapy and finding “the right therapist” - the right person with the right mindset and the right approach to address your needs - can sometimes be challenging. I propose free phone consultations so as to answer any of your practical and theoretical questions, in order to facilitate this process.