Connie-Lee Bennett

Connie-Lee Bennett is the fabulous founder of the Meraki Therapy and T.H.R.I.V.E healing technique and brings holistic psychotherapy to the awareness of modern society. She loves to ask “who are you?” and encourages her clients to rediscover their own answers.

Connie-Lee shares that growing up people used to commend her on how confident she was but how this was just a mask she was hiding behind to cover up the self-judgement and self-criticism she constantly felt.

After 15 years in the field of Psychology she explains that she has awaken to and lives who she truly is. She is no longer hard on herself and helps people to freely live in alignment with their hearts and not the expectations of society. It is this journey that has made her methods so effective because she works to uncover the root of her client’s pain and once the source is identified she provides the tools to help her client’s design a life of fulfilment.

Currently writing her first book, Connie practices Holistic psychotherapy (in which she was voted the ‘Best in Paris’ in 2016 via Expatriates Magazine) and Heal Your Life® coaching both online and one-to-one, leads certified Heal Your Life® workshops, is an international public speaker, Radio Personality on Expat Radio, has appeared on International TV and is the Ambassador of the Global Woman’s Magazine Club in Paris.

Degree in Psychology

Post Grad in Education

Certificate in Psychotherapy

Certificate in Meridian Psychotherapy

I am available for consultations 7 days a week, please contact me for more information.