David Barnes

Counselling and therapy with a British psychotherapist in the heart of the 11th arrondissement. Specialised in: Gestalt therapy, relationships, loss and grief, couples work, depression, burn out, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma work, chronic fatigue, living with the French, sexuality, borderline, bipolar, schizophrenia.

Qualifications and experience

Recognised as a full clinical psychotherapist by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). Clinical Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy from Metanoia Institute, London (Middlesex University). Post-Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Trauma Practice. I have worked in Paris since January 2010 in both English and French.

Who am I?

I'm British, I was born in 1971 and studied in Manchester and London. I left England in 2001 to live in Spain, Greece and Slovenia. I have lived in Paris since 2003 and speak French fluently. I also spent a year in the US as a student. Outside of therapy, I'm interested in the healing power of poetry and stories.

What is Gestalt therapy?

In Gestalt therapy and counselling the therapist supports you to explore your feelings and thinking in a non-judgmental, safe environment. Self-awareness and acceptance support change. We look for patterns (gestalts) in how you meet the world and other people. We work on resolving unfinished business so that these patterns become less fixed and you can access more creativity in how you respond to your current challenges in life.

Whats the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?   

Counselling focuses on specific problems and is short-term. Therapy is a longer process that brings deeper transformation and healing.


I work in English (I'm British) and French (I'm fluent.)


142 rue de Charonne, 75011

Metro: Charonne or Alexandre Dumas

Bus: 76

Professional associations:

  • Member of the United Kingdom Association for Gestalt Practioners.
  • Registered member of United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).