David Safier

American psychotherapist. Psychotherapy for anxiety, depression and relationship problems in French and English. Works mostly with adults and couples. Based in central Paris near the Bastille and Nation.

Fully licensed as a clinical psychologist, I have been practicing psychotherapy in the French public health system and privately for many years in Paris. My work is mostly with adults and couples of all ages.

My experience has put me in contact with a great variety of human difficulties, situations and conflictual states of being. And with this experience has come the realization that most theories and schools of psychology and psychoanalysis are essentially "mental" in nature, i.e. they often seem interesting and nearly convincing, but why so many of them and why do they not necessarily get to the root and source of our problems? (Otherwise, you would probably not be reading this)

So, what else is there?

What I have found for most people (and for myself as well) is that no matter what the presenting problem(s) or situation (relationships, work, family - anxiety, stress, etc.), they can usually best be addressed by going to (or allowing to surface) the feelings and emotions whose hold-back is causing the suffering and pain. Of course, this can, and must, be done with great care and consideration in a setting of privacy and confidence.

In other words, we are carrying an emotional charge that needs to be acknowledged and allowed to be expressed in the presence of the least possible judgment, which, in turn, frees up more and more emotional energy as our often unrecognized judgments drop away. The most obvious result is the resolving of our conflicts, external and internal, and a deeper understanding of ourselves and other people.

But there is an added benefit to this "process" : The often pleasantly surprising ability to express our creative energies in our own individual and personal ways.

It may at first seem strange, and even ironic, that our blocked and held-back emotional energies, which were expressing themselves as problems and conflicts, can now expand into our real potential in every area of our lives.

If this may be true for you, you will probably be able to "know and feel" it within the first one or two sessions.

Based in central Paris near the Bastille and Nation.

Email: davidwsafier@gmail.com

Tel:  06 60 88 96 10