Relationship & Recovery Coaching

I am a speaker, writer and relationship and recovery coach. My primary focus is sharing what I’ve learned through both education and experience to inspire other women in recovery. I believe we are all recovering from something; be it an unhealthy relationship with substances or food or money or sex and love, or other life challenges such as grief and loss, codependency and trauma. The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. And I know without a doubt that the answers you are seeking are already inside you. I am here to help you find them. I work through a mix of one-to-one coaching, group facilitation, literature, lectures and online courses. I give my clients the framework in which they can develop the tools to become secure in both recovery and relationships. 

If you have been asking yourself…

  • Why am I successful at everything but relationships? 
  • Will I ever feel like I’m good enough? 
  • All my friends are married, why not me?
  • Why do I attract people who treat me badly? 

…and if you are ready to make some changes I can help guide you through that process. You don't have to continue to suffer and you don't have to do the work alone. 

Go to and download my FREE eWorkbook "The One Thing You Need to Stop Doing Right Now if You Want Healthy Relationships (And What to Replace it With)" and begin your journey today!

We are not bad people trying to be good. We are wounded people trying to heal. Owning our stories is hard, but not nearly as difficult as spending the rest of our lives running from them would be.