Elitax offers you a personalized, dedicated service for French Tax (income, wealth) returns and planning. Pay only the correct taxes; we ensure that you benefit from relevant deductions and credits. Assistance with donation and inheritance tax strategy and calculations

International & French Taxation - Expatriates Tax Representation

A personalized, dedicated service for French Tax (income, wealth) returns and tax planning. We will assist you pay the correct taxes; we will ensure that you benefit from all the relevant deductions and credits. For individual expatriates. We also assist with donation and inheritance tax strategy and calculations.

Elitax provides tax services designed expressly for the expatriate community, French and foreign individuals who have tax liabilities and responsibilities in France.

We provide customized tax advice and assistance across the full range of expatriate tax needs – starting with income and wealth tax returns, but ranging also through tax consultation, representation and audit support.

Based in Paris, we have more than ten years of experience and and our international depth of expertise permits us to offer a premium tax support service, both on and off line.

Allow us to serve as your tax management partner, guiding you through the “tax jungle” where we offer time-tested service in a uniquely personalized and friendly way.

Why retain Elitax?

Our experience indicates that incoming expatriates are often in breach of French tax law, due to an ignorance of that law, or, a misunderstanding of the steps to be followed to comply with tax filing requirements. We have been assisting clients in tax preparation and filing for over 10 years to comply with tax requirements and with a view to optimizing the tax amount to be paid.

Our guarantee

We guarantee all tax returns we prepare during the statute of limitations (three years for income tax returns and six years for wealth tax returns) as long as there are no changes to the income tax/wealth return we prepared. We do not guarantee the returns concerning information not given, missing or incorrect in the questionnaire.

How do we assist our clients to complete and file?

To start, the individual fills in a questionnaire, which is our device to clarify and enumerate your revenue and assets (if applicable), along with the tax deductions, reductions and tax credits that are relevant to you. It helps us prepare an optimized tax return.

For International Human Resources Managers

  • Employers information obligation
  • Employers responsibilities
  • Tax differential calculations, cost projections
  • Training - French and International taxation systems

For Expatriates/Impatriates 

  • Tax assistance
  • Tax residency determination
  • Tax consultancy on arrival or at departure
  • Tax return preparations 

For Non-Residents 

  • Tax assistance and Tax returns



Eliane Rakotonoel

General Manager Elitax - Associate Consultant - PhD Candidate (Public & Private Tax Law) La Sorbonne University of Paris.