Excellencia Boarding School & Summer Programmes

Located in Troissy, 1 hour from Paris, Excellencia boarding school provides a unique environment and a welcoming atmosphere. On this 12-acres campus, there are several sports facilities offering more than 30 different sports, a 19th century castle and a shady park.

French curriculum: from third form to upper sixth, our educational and pedagogical team provides the perfect preparation to pass their academic exams and gain degrees issued by the French ministry of Education

Strong emphasis on sports and culture: we want to give everyone the opportunity to achieve their full intellectual potential and contribute to their well-being and personal development

Mix of cultures and nationalities: they discover other cultures and share their own culture and values, which helps developing their openness towards others and the outside world

Unique teaching approach: With 12 students maximum per class, several hours of mentoring, special workshops (methodology, general knowledge…) ,we aim at ensuring the success of each student and maximizing their performance by giving them the necessary tools to succeed


  • Full French immersion: On mornings, French classes are provided with individual monitoring from our native teaching staff including role playing, real-life scenarios and group projects On afternoons, sports and cultural activities are offered in French on the campus with our native counsellors team.
  • Ideal studying conditions: 12 students per class, divided according to their level and age.
  • Excursions: 2 excursions per week are organized: an excursion to an amusement park (Disneyland, Astérix) and an excursion to a cultural place (Paris, Reims)
  • Mix of nationalities: in more than 20 years, around 60 nationalities have come across Excellencia’s campus


  • Academic revisions: lessons focus on core subjects: maths, French, English, physics, philosophy, etc. and methodology. We provide the help to overcome any difficulties that the students might have throughout the academic year
  • Combining lessons and leisure: with lessons on mornings and outdoor activities on afternoons, we create an environment conducive to your child’s school performance and development.