Specially designed for companies that regularly welcome expatriates or have repatriates among its staff. We give you real assistance to help them adapt quickly and easily. GestionZen can manage your expat/repatriate employee’s arrival and ensure a smooth integration to achieve a successful expatriation. 

Discover our services: 

  • RelocationPerfectly aware of all the issues that relocation may raise, we offer tailor-made solutions. Our purpose is to facilitate your employees’ mobility by expertly handling their arrival and ensuring their successful integration, down to the slightest everyday task.

From housing search to school registration, we are here to guide and assist anyone concerned about Relocation. We can help expats overcome the numerous hassles they may be confronted to due to issues such as language misunderstanding, unfamiliarity with the geographic area and culture gap. 

We assist your foreign and French employees in all fields upon arrival (or departure), in particular with regards to:

  • Housing: selection, visits, assistance with the leaseCheck-in, Check-out
  • Establishment of subscription contracts: electricity, gas, phone,
  • Paperwork assistance: CAF, CPAM, OFII
  • Immigration procedures support
  • Opening of bank account;
  • Schooling: Pre-selection, information meeting, Assistance with the registration
  • Children: Selection of extracurricular activities clubs, Babysitting solutions
  • Integration: Neighborhood tour, Seminar and workshops


  • Cultural integration: thanks to GestionZen, your employees will not feel lost. They will be assisted at every important stage to begin their new life abroad with total peace of mind

Integration SeminarsIn order to optimize your employees’ integration, we offer welcome and cultural integration seminars and workshops. According to your needs, our Welcome Seminars can be organized in your offices or elsewhere.

Welcome SeminarsOne to two-day seminar to exchange about everyone’s specific situation and present French culture in order to provide the keys to a better cultural integration. 12 people max.

For whom are the seminars and workshops intended?

  • Your foreign collaborators of all nationalities,
  • their spouses,
  • French repatriates moving back home after a long period of time abroad (over 3 years)


Introduce collaborators and their spouses to French culture and provide them with all information necessary for a successful cultural integration.

Soften the disruptive effects that expatriation or repatriation may have on the collaborator, their spouse and the rest of the family.

Topics covered

  • French culture in an international environment
  • Healthcare in France
  • French Educational System
  • Personal and Family Impacts of Being Expatriates/Repatriates
  • Daily life and integration
  • Tourism and how to discover your surroundings
  • The culture shock of returning home (exclusively for French coming back to France)

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