Happy Expats in France

Moving to a new country, adapting to a new culture, finding a new job, learning another language…many obstacles that may get in the way of feeling integrated and finding a job in France. We can help you to find a job in France.

Helping You Find a Job in France.

My name is Mayghan Dolmy and I’m an HR Consultant. I founded Happy Expats in France to help you find employment in France. If you have just arrived in Paris, or you are looking for work and don’t know where to begin, Happy Expats in France was founded to advise expat partners on how to break into the job market in France.

I help you target your search, write your French CV (what to include and how to make it fit local expectations and French translation), and job interview preparation with French Recruiters.

My job is to accompany you step by step and listen to your needs. To that end, I propose a customized HR advisory service in favour of an active and participative teaching.  Real-life situations will help ensure that you are well prepared. 

Photo Credit (Rachel Calvo Portraits)