Harbans Nagpal

Yes, you can stop smoking in 2022! Yes, you can stop over-eating in 2022! English Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst specialized in the treatment of Obesity, Bulimia, Anorexia, Smoking and other addictions. In person in Paris 13th or by telephone or via video-conference worldwide. 

I am a specialized psychotherapist and psychoanalyst with 25 years of experience in treating eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia and obesity, and addictions to smoking, cannabis, gambling, tea and coffee. I have some new theoretical and practical ideas which you will not find anywhere else (see my writing cure on my website). 

I am also a general psychotherapist.  As such, I see patients with many kinds of psychological problems: difficulties in relationships, depression, school problems, sexual difficulties, inhibitions and anxiety, especially during this Covid crisis. 

My office is in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. But during this pandemic, we work mostly by video calls, telephone calls and emails. 

Yes, you can stop eating. Yes, you can stop smoking. Not by willpower or the kindness of your therapist, but by a change in the psychological software. You have to un-write the old software inside that is repeating itself and write a new one. Whence the talking cure and my writing cure. 

If you suffer from an eating disorder or an addiction, please do read my website to see my new ideas, especially my writing cure and how I work.


My fees are 100 € net per consultation, of which you would be reimbursed 30 € by French Social Security if you come through your family doctor, or more if you have a good insurance policy (mutuelle).

My résumé

Personal training psychoanalysis

To be a psychoanalyst you must first of all have had a personal psychoanalysis. This lasts on average, and in my own case, for five years, three times a week. This is the basis of our training, self- knowledge. After this personal analysis, we are supervised for our first crop of patients, also for another 3-5 years. This long training allows us to understand the psychological make up of our patients, as they speak in free association on our couch. It allows us to see their psychological machinery, their blocks, their potential and their limits, just as we saw our own. Many things can be mended, but not all. 

Academic qualifications and experience: 

  • Medical degrees from Oxford and Cambridge Universities.
  • Resident at the American Hospital of Paris
  • Resident at Paris Hospitals, Hospital Necker
  • Consultant Psychiatrist at St Anne Hospital, Paris
  • Founding member of the International Counselling Service in Paris.
  • Consultant to English speaking schools and Embassies in Paris.
  • Member of the Ecole Freudienne of Paris and the Association Internationale Lacanienne. 

Since 1990: Worked as a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist specialized in the treatment of obesity, bulimia, anorexia and smoking from my office in Paris 13e.


For the ad: Email: doctornagpal@nip.com.fr

Website: www.nagpal-psychoanalyst.com

Telephone + 33 147075528