HPB Coaching

Work with individuals and businesses to reach their highest potential.  Specialised in learning optimal communication techniques, emotional intelligence, effective collaboration and leadership. 

Coaches at HPB have a wide range of skills, expertise and coaching experience:

•Consultancy skills
•Extensive business knowledge
•CEO/director level experience
•Advanced trainer skills
•Coaching certification.

Heledd Wyn 

Founder of HPB, Heledd is a certified coach, writer and speaker. Having started her career in London in an international Law firm, on moving to Paris in 2001, she completed a Ph.D in Human Sciences on how to optimise communication between diverse cultures in an international context. With a solid expertise in consulting on the management of diversity and a passion for placing the human at the heart of organisations, Helena works with individuals and teams to develop creativity, leadership and purpose. Her approach is structured, practical and innovative.

Currently researching on a sociological study of leadership, Heledd has interviewed hundreds of leaders in diverse industries and cultures and has a vital understanding of the pressures and issues facing leaders today in an increasingly competitive and fast-paced world. She is also a lecturer at Sciences Po, Paris on global identities and talks in conferences on coaching and mediation, and building international careers.

Heledd graduated with a First-class honours in Human Sciences from King’s College, Cambridge University and completed a three-stage coaching certification at International Mozaik, Paris. She is a member of the International Coach Federation.

For more information, please contact Heledd at   hdepouzilhac@hpbcoaching.com