HPB Coaching

Helena de Pouzilhac is a certified coach (International Mozaik, Paris and member of the International Coach Federation) and certified mediator (CMAP de Paris) who works with people to navigate change and move forward in an optimal, positive way. She is specialised in non-violent communication techniques, emotional intelligence, conflict management and effective collaboration and leadership. 

After graduating from Cambridge University in Human Sciences, Helena started her career in London in an international Law firm, before completing a Ph.D on how to bridge differences. Her research at UniversitĂ© Paris II in Paris enabled her to develop a deep understanding of how differences can keep people and groups apart and what are the best ways to bring people together and create cohesion. She has a solid expertise in training and working with individuals and groups in organisations (such as the OIE, United technologies, DIS, be-pĂ´les etc) on conflict management, emotional intelligence, dealing with difficult personalities and high-pressure contexts and navigating change. Being a certified mediator, she is also skilled at using and teaching mediation techniques to individuals or a people in conflict to work towards finding solutions. 

Helena is also a lecturer at Sciences Po, Paris and has taught courses on subjects such as navigating differences, conflict, diverse cultures and intercultural communication. 

For more information, please contact Helena at   hwyn@hpbcoach.com